We moved for an indefinite period to a village with a beautiful name Męcikał. It is in Kashubia, in the middle of the Zaborski National Park. You can say that it is a funny name, but when there are also places in the area such as:

Block, Bad Meat, Swornegacie, Non-bee, China, Little Chełmy, Chick, Nicponie, Fojutowo, Pustków, Hard Down, Sheep Mud, Top, Nobility, Chickens, Barłogi etc.

it laughs a little less. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to make this place such a comprehensive entry as from last year's 3-month move to the Kłodzko Valley, so I will try to post shorter clippings, but regularly, not 4 entries a year. Mainly because I like taking pictures and have nothing to do with them afterwards. Maybe it will be about the neighborhood, or maybe something completely different. I just need to have some letters to surround the pics. And the photos this time are extremely depressing and I hope it will get greener soon.

One thing is for sure, if you want to come here you must like trees and lakes:


If you've been here in the past and you still haven't touched Lard, because your visit focused on Kaszebe RoundI have bad news. The terrain in 2017 has changed a bit here and the landscape is slightly different in places. If they were shooting a Fallout movie, this would be the perfect setting for the slow camera movement with the caption "war, war never changes". In 2017. there was a storm that broke some 40 million trees. "Nice" it can be seen in the historical photos from Google Earth:

But let's visualize it with actual photos. These were once roads through the middle of the forest. You know, such a forest fire road in the middle of Kampinos:

Which, of course, doesn't mean that a few (dozen) kilometers away is not quite the opposite. Riding a bike has major advantages over running:


I have such a friend, Wojtek S. Wojtek once told me that he does not like to ride someone else's routes, especially those described. It then feels as if he is living someone else's life, not his own *.

There is a lot in this - let's take ours bikepacking through the Atlas Mountains. Our itinerary was overlapping with the epically documented one people's route from 8bar. In every such fragment we said “oh, and here they were peeing, and here something". It's a bit like buying a bike, because you think that if you buy it, you will also experience adventures as in the advertisement.

* I won't know if he said exactly that, but that's how I remember it.

But I'm not really surprised. When last I asked on facebook o “the most interesting 1-kilometer road sections in Poland”, there were perhaps two useful answers. I am starting to suspect that we either live in an ugly country, or they all drive the same 10 roads, or just people they troll.

I dare not say that this is for sure the best version, the best version of the best loop around. This is a very good example of what I recommend, when you are lazy and do not want to draw anything yourself. There are some perfect and imperfect asphalts, forest paths, gravel, lakes, forests and maybe some sand. Easy to run on 32mm + tires. This is the essence of the area, which I will probably look at in a month and say: but lime, it avoids a lot of cool places.

download .gpx

I suspect that with the next weeks / months this route will evolve, because I discover something new almost every day (ftw squares!). As you can easily guess, you can easily break it down for two days, and the sections created in this way can be slightly diversified - with what? About this in the next post.

If you only have one day, and you don't want your family to see you in the state you will be in after driving it, I suggest you cut everything east of the Brusy - Chojnice road (shorten the path along it). You will bypass a lot of asphalt, the promenade in Rytel, the Great Brda Canal and, for example, the ski slope in Fojutów.

If you do not like driving in the woods, bypass the National Park along the path leading from Małe Swornegacie (this is how it supposedly changes) along the path to the village of Charzykowy. If you like the forest, then in the National Park (entrance fee: PLN 3 by bank transfer, although I don't know if someone did it), you can additionally make a loop through the lakes: Jeleń, Krzywce Wielkie, Małe Krzywce.

10,000km with Factor

I have just hit 10,000 km here with the current bike - taking into account that statistically the equipment is with me for 20kkm, some adventures still await us.

Conclusions for the hardware curious:

  • I ride Goodyear County Ultimate 35mm (because it doesn't go any more). I was on them and in States and Morocco. I bought a new one, the same. I also do not plan to go back to inner tubes - tubeless ftw!
  • The decision to ride an identical (minus the color and size) bike to my girlfriend was the most practical cycling decision in my life
  • The bike should be covered with foil in the place where the bags are mounted before going on the first trip, not after "Oh, I will see on one trip if the varnish is rubbing off the tapes". Especially if this one trip is 1000km.
  • The battery in the Force AXS handles was discharged much faster than on the road with the regular Red. I do not know how long it would be enough, but from 500 km it signaled to me that it was the end.
  • Force AXS is cool. Works like this on the 90% as it should. I believe that the gears, however wireless and electric they may be (is the wireless TV remote still impressive?), Is a previous century. I hope that the next bike will be on some Classified, Pinion or other invention worthy of the 21st century.
  • When it comes to 1x12 vs 2x12 - the choice for me is simple. As long as there is more asphalt, I stay at 2x12.
  • Super expensive bearings in the hubs died before I could even read the text on the Dandy Horse website about whether ceramics is the best idea for me.
  • The man who came up with this wonderful support, which I had originally, should burn in hell for the rest of his life and as a punishment write an exam in e.g. Circuit Theory every year.
  • Is it worth buying a very expensive bike? But it certainly doesn't drive 3x better than 3x cheaper. But it doesn't matter if you enjoy it. Worse if you have to buy it at the expense of your adventure budget.
  • I don't know what I can say more about the bike: it rides and it is light ;-) If I had to change it to something else now, I have no idea what I would choose. Is the second time the same? Possible. I like the direction n-1 and I intend to stick to it ... I will verify it only when it is finally possible to go to the Pamir Highway.

Playing with squares

A new game - probably very pandemic. Like last year I was looking at to see how many kilometers just traveled were "new kilometers" and on Stats Hunterto see your heatmap (i.e. a map of the places I've been), so it's a hit this year Squadrats. It's the same, but it's better. You plug it into your Stravy and you look at how many bigger and smaller squares on the map I made, how many of them are connected, etc. You can also like a real one creepol look where other people are driving. Coloring (?) Squares basically has the advantage that you'll be in places you never planned to be. Thanks to this, my winter jogging around Warsaw took me to the strangest corners of Prague.

I'm starting to consider launching a browser on my Hammerhead to make it more convenient to look for places where I haven't been.

It's funny when a man drives in Warsaw and discovers that in the last thousand kilometers, he has not traveled a single new metro - and he could.

How is it here (visually)

It is very good, only the wind blows like in Pomerania, but more. The most important thing, however, is that if there is a place in Poland mainly for a "gravel" bike, it is it. On MTB you can get a little bored here, and on the road it will be difficult to find a reasonable combination of asphalt - the perfect and the very bad ones. Fire roads (which used to be forest roads and now are field roads) practically do not end here. As is the number of bike paths / routes.

And this is a nuisance for a road cyclist, because very often a gravel bike path walks next to a perfect and empty asphalt. Nice, but you are looking a little enviously at the asphalt with the prohibition. Plus, along the roads in the Brusy - Chojnice style, where the average speed of the Passat is about 150 km / h, and the Golf ahead of it a bit more, there are also such paths. The downside is that the path goes so close to this asphalt that it will kill you when it passes over the Golf trench. Therefore, for the sake of your health, take something with a 32-40mm tire. If you don't have one, go elsewhere. The path along the asphalt road looks like this and I sincerely sympathize with everyone who goes trekking here with a fat child in a trailer:

Such Kashubian Route In my opinion, it is the perfect place if you want to come with your young cycling adept and do several dozen kilometers a day.

There is sand, there are one hundred thousand forest fire roads, there are fields, forests, dunes, rivers, lakes, canoes and so on. Just look at the photos.

I don't have anything else to write at the moment, but it's probably enough to enclose the photos with text. And so it will rain for the next 10 days ...

What's up with the doggy ...

As every time I post something on my bike on Instagram, people ask for a dog, I would like to inform you that the dog is alive and getting better. His (and ours) mental state is a topic for a completely separate story ... ;-)