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Kłodzko Valley - do not come here with your bicycle.

Kłodzko Valley and the surrounding area, and a gravel bike. We've been sitting here for a month when we come back - no one knows. Where to go, what to see, how to get tired, whether it's worth it and whether it's fun. I will not answer these and other questions, but thanks to the pictures you can guess.

The Krkonoše Triathlon hurts a bit

Triathlon Karkonoski, or quite a heavy race from the Czocha Castle to Śnieżka. The entry on how good was the choice for a triathlon debut and how the average cyclist copes with the triathletes.

Ślężański Mnich 2016 - the opening of the season

The start of the season in Sobótka is slowly becoming a tradition. Ślężański Mnich, although he does not stand out with anything special except attendance, is a great race and an obligatory point in the start calendar. This year we have expanded the Saturday uphill start organized by SZOSA. Entry about winning, losing, lessons, lessons and great fun.

Opening of the season in Sobótka: 10 ways to not lose the weekend

This year's first race is behind us. As usual, we didn't win. So I prepared a handful of tips for those very beginners and those who are awkward, which should be remembered in order not to lose on good morning. I think that as a man who does not regularly win, and this time even missed the finish of the first group, I am completely incompetent to comment on this topic. Fortunately, the internet is the perfect place for people like me ....

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