Madeira: entry the same as others

Instead of having to deal with the trainer, I prefer to go with the girl to Madeira. The entry is the same as other entries on the internet, because we have seen exactly this ...

I drove in winter

Some ideas are born bad. For example, when you leave Warsaw, which is still autumn and completely unknowingly, you find yourself in the middle of the Kashubian winter.

Something tampacking Thailand

Central Thailand from the perspective of small circles. When in coronavirus times you decide to travel around a distant country using a folding bike carried by trains, buses, planes, ferries, ...

Great Lakes Gravel - how not to go

The autumn ride on the Great Lakes Gravel route, i.e. we are continuing the onion-like use of ready-made routes. About Masurian gravel after which I have to start a collection for new ponds.
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