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The best cycling routes in Tenerife: where to go, what to ride?

If you have read Kolarska Tenerife: bike, logistics, prices, restrictions and you have found out that it is worth visiting the island, here is a list of subjective places that you should not miss when planning your routes. The best descents, driveways, asphalt, panoramas and anything that might interest the rider.

Kolarska Tenerife: bicycle, logistics, prices, reduction

You can fly to Tenerife for 1000 PLN (one thousand) for a week with a bicycle. It is not easy, and the more willing you will find this limit is more achievable, but in the amount of PLN 1,500 you can already fit in the grace. The times were gone when the Canaries were an exotic for the few. In Tenerife there is a bomb, because there are great mountains, interesting landscapes, ocean, volcano, good temperature, cheapness. It's worth going for max week, if you drive ambitiously. Depending on the place it is very cold or warm in December (from -8 to 25 degrees). I would recommend.