Hi, my name is Maciek. I have been repairing washing machines for 20 years ... come back, not this blog. I am 31 years old and from 10 years almost every day between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm I am sitting in front of a computer, doing things that I do not quite understand, for people who do not know what they want. When I do something, I do it to the max. Once I turned on the game, Warcraft 3 - did not pull me in very much. I played a maximum of a few years after a few hours a day. A few years later I fired a World of Warcraft - for a moment, maybe for 3 years ... Because if I do something, I try to do my best, despite the awareness that I will never even get closer to the top.


If you can not do something and you really want it, then you can ...


This is not true what motivational blogs say. It is not enough to very much want and train to achieve the expected results. Goals must be real, and whether we achieve them depends on how we were born and how we spent our youth. If someone tells you that nothing is impossible, maybe he is lying, or maybe not. However, the chances of success are sometimes so small that from my point of view it is not worth risking.


Addiction - level expert

Hi, my name is Maciek and I am addicted to sports. I thought that from cycling and bicycles, but still not - it's addiction to sport. From doing things faster, further, better. From getting to know new places, rivalry, overcoming boundaries and doing things just because it can be done. I'm addicted to fatigue, from endorphins, to the state I get up in the morning and I wonder if I need to make more pee or if my legs hurt more. If I do training, I do it until I have strength, no meaningful plan, no optimal results. I do what I like. In a way that is pleasant but ineffective.


When I sit in front of the TV with a great chocolate or a kilo ice cream box - I eat them at once. I will never become a World Champion. If I, like my fellow bloggers, spent the winter in warm countries, after a month I probably would have fallen. In the morning I have to get up before dawn, because it is a shame of the day, in the evening I have to get ahead of things planned for the evening, which I do not have to do at all.


Cycling is a great sport - probably one of the best for amateurs. Lets see a lot, with relatively low effort. In terms of training, I have one problem with him. Do you know this feeling when, after a thoroughly overtrained autumn-spring period, you go to a racing set? 9 o'clock in the morning, we all meet at Arkadia - the first time after the spring change of time. We exchange glances, watch new equipment, tell how weak we are to confuse competition. 3 hours later I am on the line in Jabłonna - I arrive in the 17th place. What does it mean? I do not know. Am I better than last year, worse, the same? I have no idea. Because the others also practiced, because the wind, because I put the peloton, because bad luck, because someone in the front let go, because I accidentally got into the departure - the possibilities are many, the best in this sport.


Because of course: developed FTP is important, but the result depends only on him indirectly. Because in a week I can go much stronger and be 46. and I can also get much weaker and reach the 7th place. The famous carrot and stick are missing. Here, the pool and running help with help. The first half year of running (if of course we do not catch an injury, which leads to a popular cycling approach: look, first time and immediately 13km) is a total euphoria. Times are improving drastically, endurance increases, everything is very easily measurable. You can run when it's dark and cold - in the park, no one is going to hit me. I can swim when it's still colder, it's even darker, it's raining, there's muck in the air, and backyard Armageddon in general, and I have to do something as an addict. Of course I have a simulator, I like him. People make fun of it, but it's thanks to him that I work where I work. Thanks to him I won trip to CaliforniaI spend dozens of hours watching it, clicking on the mouse and keyboard. But trainer effects come after many months - there are no stimuli.



- How many triathlonists do you need to replace the light bulb?
- Four - one exchanges, three discuss how to make it more aero (possibly one mentions, three discuss, as Jan Frodeno would do)



In what I do, I'm a professional - even in the virtual world ...



Give me all my likes
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Hi, I'm Maciek. Cycling is my passion and will remain so. I plan a lot of interesting (I hope) travels and races, but ... I'm addicted now to running and swimming. You know where it's going, right? I know you guessed it by looking at what's happening at Stravie. I see what you are doing now. You take tales, you delete comments, you step back smiling emoticons. Yes, this year I would like to try a triathlon. Before you put me in a bag of contempt, hold back. One of the things that convinced me to be a video from Vegan Cyclist called: ROAD CYCLIST GETS DESTROYED in Olympic Distance Triathlon - average, but the title was beautiful. I envied. I would like to see how an amateur cyclist in a triathlon will manage (but of course not in the Olympics, because it is suicide, but in half, because I'm too weak on IM).


When it comes to experience in being triathlonists - we have a lot with our colleagues.


However, I would like to do it not in the form that cyclists and people from the Internet usually do. 86% of the texts I knew started with Although and ends with It's probably a good result. Although: I do not run, I swim for the first time in my life, I do not know anything about this sport, I did not train at all, etc. The rest usually shows how many people managed to outdo each other despite driving on an ordinary road. Any chance to catch triathletes and laugh at the fact that they are slower on the aero-bike for 30k is good. This, in my opinion, is a hopeless approach. Unprofessional, naughty, offensive, and I do not see any sense in it other than building my ego.


I'm so sad when I read this



I would like to do it in the opposite direction. Prepare in half a year as best as possible and see how much I will lose. After all, this blog is about losing, because it's all a lot closer to us, and the lyrics are not much about it. Find out what this is all about and how many city legends are true.



Behind the enemy line


Hi, I'm Maciek. I'm addicted to a triathlon. I have never run in it. I've never even made the right bookmark. I have no idea how to push two workouts during the day. I'm like you guys, what about the question: Do you have a girlfriend? they answer - Yes, it's called Emma Stone. I do not remember when the last day was when I burned less than 4000kcal. There are so many things in this sport that I have no idea ... and this is what draws me. I like to try new sports, he reminded me about it recently curling.



Access condition.


When we do something, we do it to the max

Triathlon seems to be so cool that you can set specific goals. How would I do it in a road race? Get in the best 10%? Determine the expected time? It does not make sense, it all depends largely on others. Here I can fight with myself. So I set some thresholds, beyond which I think it is worth trying.


Bike - of course, this is the smallest problem. Even if there are cramps, a bomb will come in half and in general there will be a drama, the bike can still be moved (in other disciplines it can be a problem). With a bicycle, the problem mainly occurs in the equipment. I'm not talking about the time trial right away, but it would be good to start with lemondki, which in turn will force fitting. I'm probably much more comfortable with the measurement of power, currently I use it only under the roof, because I did not see the need outside (after all, it goes like the group, and how it escapes, it's like stolen). Home charts show that I am able to keep under 290W for a 2 hour ride on the trainer (I mean I traveled as much as I can, I'm afraid to check) - how does this translate into yard, lemond and speed? I have no idea. How do you go after swimming and before running - also.

In the Mazovian world of FTP cycling in the range of 4.5W / kg with a reasonable weight allows you to count on a miracle - unfortunately, with strong colleagues rather in the departure you will not go, because half die. You can count on luck in a weaker escape. Maybe people will associate that you are not a super mighty and will not chase you ...


Classic weekend baggage


Swimming this is a problem. I have been visiting the pool very often lately, but the spasms effectively hinder my longer workouts. I always say that cramps come from being weak - I will wait, see. Probably it would be easier to come to the rested pool, but how to do it when you need to train? ;) The current pace that I can comfortably maintain for about 2-3km is around 1: 50 / 100m. How does it translate into foam and open tanks? I do not know. The technique in this sport changes a lot, no matter how fast I turn my hands, the pace ~ 1: 40 / 100m I will not break at 1km. Perhaps this is the moment to meet several times with the trainer, who will explain what is wrong and reveal the secret to what to do to make it go faster.

How much is it 1: 50 / 100m? Hard to say. On the one hand, I miss everybody, on the other, when any swimming section appears next to me on Warszawianka, I feel like at the first time in my life Rondo Babka. In principle, I could do them for fear.


If someone asks me what I think about running sincerely, the answer is only one ...


Runningas it is not difficult to guess - the biggest problem of a cyclist. It is said that the riders do not run (which of course may be true, but as you live in Las Palomas). I ran in the fastest race in my life in about 38 minutes, the fastest half-marathon in 1:30 (unforgettable Lisbon). Currently, the half-marathon on training approaches me at a comfortable rate after 1:40. I once assumed that I can approach the halfway when I am able to run 21 km in comfort in 90 minutes, that's probably the season. How do you cycle and swim? I have no idea


I also have no idea about a thousand other things. Foams, dressing up, change zones, food, themes are many. It is exploring them that definitely delight me more than just the start. A bit like discovering sport again.


Why are triathletes doing 3 sports? Because none of them can do well.


This text is a bit funny, but it's always more fun to go as a ski rider or try to follow the bus. It turns out then that our super-trained legs are really super trained and perfectly looking ... but only in one move. I do not know, it does not suit me. Every time I try new activity, I feel like an invalid.


Let's be honest, the triathletes' missile is always funny. We have our Velominati rules that clearly prohibit half of the things that occur in this sport. Sometimes, however, we forget to look at it with a light tongue in cheek. The stereotype of the triathlete is not taken out of nowhere. No sleeves and socks, candy bars stuck to the frame, lemondka that hunts your buttocks, handicapped riding in the group - it's all the opposite of the classic style, MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra). But in cycling we also have beaters, only maybe a little less visible ... at least until they place the peloton.


In the above picture from Rondo Babka, point the Polish champion in a triathlon at a distance of 2 / 2IM (this is of course a naughty joke, because if I were in his place, I would also be lying).


It's nice to laugh at others, it's worse when it stops being a form of joke. Time in the group is never fun, but flushes happen everywhere, also in the road environment. Unluckily, those from the triathlon environment are the easiest to notice. I would like to see triathlon events from the inside, verify how much it is true, what people say on the Gasses. Check how the headlamp will destroy me, because in cycling, both in Mazovia and in the mountains, the head crushes me with my finger in the bag.


The most difficult thing to start this sport is to face your cycling girl and say: I think I want to be a triathlete ... and then my friends.


There is a joke that I've probably used 10 times on this blog. How do you get to know a triathlete? It does not matter, he'll tell you himself. And here I am, before I even started thinking about starting, I already tell you about it. Damn ...


Meanwhile, I go to Allegro, I have to find: time trial, lemondka, foam, tri suit, bicycle shoes without laces, special running laces, handles for extra food and one hundred thousand other things. Then I will pray that there will be still somewhere to sign up and cry over the entry fee. Beautiful sport, beautiful hobby, I can already see this conversation:



- Panda, I've got the six in the file, I'm going to buy tri equipment
- What about the rest?
- The rest on credit



... and of course, there is a chance that it will be a huge mistake and I will say no more after the second start. However, as they say: whoever does not risk, does not drink champagne.