Mountain Road Polish Championship, name proportional to the road


It is beautiful in the Tatras. If you do not believe, I recall those galleries from the times when I liked the sliders too much (one, second). I try to take every chance when I can be there. Especially if I'm not driving a car. Almost always after that I regret it.

This year we are grandfathers. The weather is also a grandfather. The road to the Tatras is a grandfather. Everything is correct.

Instead of starting in the Tatry Tour (report from 2016, 2014 and movie from 2013), which this year are exceptionally longer by renovating the roundabout in Poronin, we decided to go to the Polish Road Championships of the Polish Masters. I do not know where the idea that cheering on riders in the rain and 10 degrees is better than riding in these conditions. However, the decision was made and we went to Szaflary only for this. One way is about 7 hours light. A question has been asked many times why?. Similarly, this question has probably been asked many times in both races.


Mountain Road Championships of Poland


At the occasion of the Road Championships of Poland, I mentioned that we have many champions. Recently, there have been some new ones. For example, a week ago, both among the elite and amateurs, also in the mountains. Because you know - road cycling in the mountains is a different sport than road cycling near Warsaw. All this makes sense and now we add to this the fact that introduces such a gray zone: Mastersi.

The cycling world works like this: there are professionals, called the elite. People who at least in theory deal with cycling professionally. Next to them are amateurs who practice sport in a hobby. PZKOL does not deal with amateurs, so in theory they do not have their own, regular championships, let alone eagle jerseys. Reality, of course, is governed by its laws and an amateur can also have an eagle with a flag. Recently we even had the Mountain Road Polish Championships in Sosnówka and the same in Wysowie-Zdrój. Same thing, the same day, somewhere else. Whaaat ?! The Masters and the cyklosport category were in the middle, that is, people who made licenses.


Mountain Road Championship of Poland, name inversely proportional to the number of people


Their fanatic epic was directly opposite to the length of the name. Imagine the best Polish players (without the elite) - they came. Imagine a great place - Szaflary is undoubtedly such. For this great and spectacular route, because it was - a 15-kilometer-long loop meant that every moment someone passes by, and from the peak in Skrzypna (?) You can see some players for about 65% of the time. To make it more spectacular, let's add a light rain, which gives a lot of tippers and misfortunes. What's more, like the one from Cezary Szafraniec, organization: security, technical cars, water bottles at buffets, etc. - one word PRO. A vision is already painted in your head, quite pleasant. Now let's breathe all the fans. Half the players, let's also breathe.


Mountain Road Championships of Poland


Have you ever seen a football match without fans? It turns out that the sporting event consists mainly of people. Now I am going to be tempted by a courageous thesis. It seems to me that we were the only fans on the tour who were there for a different purpose than: giving bottles, taking pictures and organizing this event. Okay, maybe there were a few more players who started earlier or later. The country championship event without a single external fan is probably a sensation in the world. It's even a bit funny, because everything was prepared very well.


Mountain Road Championships of Poland


From my point of view, the emotions of the fans at the race are best illustrated by the above photograph.


I will tell you something honestly: you have to be a good bike pervert to be a fan for more than an hour for such an event. We are. To increase the turnout we bought in Pepco two rubber chickens, which Panda squeaked all day (I apologize in advance for her).



Mountain Road Championships of Poland


Here I would like to thank everyone who travels with us, because a typical Saturday day looks like this: in the morning we go on a route, then quickly a few hills by bike, skip to the Tatry Tour to give friends a bottle, then Panda notes that one chicken is not enough, so someone has to take it quickly to Nowy Targ, 15km away, so that it can buy 2 more hours for the cyclists in the ear, visit the shop where there is nothing and end the day in the restaurant. To give others a little of this crazy day, we order ice cream cups 5 minutes before closing time and we sit there about 30 minutes longer than it is open, thanks to which we certainly gain undying gratefulness.

We live perfectly because of the route. The route is properly secured, demanding, nice. We live with her so much that by sitting in the morning toilet, I can watch the players. A beautiful thing. For 8 people in 3 rooms, with kitchen and 2 bathrooms for two days, we pay PLN 920 (link: Cottages with Maria).


Mountain Road Championships of Poland


If we are on a race, I recommend always to stand by the people who secure the route and next to the ambulance. The ambulance is always close to the most interesting places. The expectation of unhappiness is, of course, the burdens, but of the two evil, if someone breaks down, he probably would have liked to have a picture of it. The weather of the day was conducive to accidents. Light rain is the worst. When it's pouring, everyone knows it's slippery. In addition, the water streams wash muck. At the drizzle you can forget temporarily about the lack of grip, to suddenly and painfully recall it. On the only pan on the route there were several people from the service. Each of them shouted that it was slippery, before there were warning signs, a visitor with a flag, a guy shouting that an ambulance was too soon. About a dozen people flew out of the route there. A minimum of two so many beat him with one leg on the asphalt.

After 30 minutes in this place, I was able to assess who was going to hear. If from a nearby forest, where the slope of the road was quite substantial, there was no sound of braking, and you could hear the characteristic noise of the air-cutting cone, it was certain - it would be shot through. Most of the soil resulted in laughter, but it was not without serious cases: broken teeth, broken fingers, and skin pockets.


Mountain Road Championships of Poland



"Debile, debile, debile"Is my favorite story. Apparently, the doctor collecting stuntmen, he said it all the time. All in all, I'm not surprised. As I once shot a bend on Tour de Rybnik (movie from his youth) and I went to the queue at SOR, as another guest in a lajkar, the staff had a similar look. He did not say it aloud.

To add some excitement, some polite man on the road made two spots of oil. You could think that it was some unfortunate accident, until it turned out that someone was even more creative. Two screws were placed in the asphalt, both sharpened and professionally secured against removal. However, there is no trap that will defeat a fireman. Was there a bit too much races in this area for local people?



Mountain Road Championships of Poland



As for the results, the M40 without any surprises, the M20 probably does not interest anyone, because neither the winner did not enjoy it, nor did the announcer show any particular emotions. At least in M30 surprise after the finish from the group. In the corridors we hear some complaints about this victory, but it does not matter. I mean, there's a serious conversation waiting with Panda again, returning like a boomerang, if it's okay to drive and finally win. We represent the opposite sides of the barricade, but as a man who does not win anything, I am left to only beg. Anyway, in this particular case, a grudge against a person who was not the obvious pretender to win that she was carrying fighting for life, and in the end she won, they can be marked by me with the hashtag # painzupy.

The decoration is 18.00. In principle, only people who decorate and decorate are left on it. Wet dreams of putting on a white-and-red eagle shirt on the breast certainly did not present it that way.


Mountain Road Championships of Poland


PS When I finish this text, it's 8 hours drive to Szaflary -> Warsaw. The chase season ended. I'm jubilating that it is usually closer to the pass because the Tatras are too far away for a trip shorter than a few days. I'm writing this for the 5th time on this blog - no more Tatras for the weekend.

I am happy with the vision of Monday, where I sit at work in front of a computer and rest by restarting random servers. Maybe it will fix it, and in the worst case it will break down for such a short time that someone will notice it and report it to me, and after a few minutes I will be a savior who brings the application back to life in 3 minutes.


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