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Cycling adulthood

I remember today when someone asked me at what age a person becomes an adult. Without hesitation, I was 100% sure I was right when I was 16. Since then, each year, each answer has become less and less obvious to me. Because now, twisting my imaginary border of adulthood twice, I am already? That's not what I imagined. I did not think that people are still laughing at fake jokes, playing games, watching fairy tales, throwing papers at work, impressing others when they manage to fart one hand under their armpits and spend money on an Aliexpress shabby. Many friends are already parents. Do their kids imagine that dad - the eternal idol, the pattern of virtues, the man who knows everything and knows all the answers, tells his friends: "wait, bring a schoolboy from school and we can chop in FIFA" - no, no. And yet it is.


With age, everything becomes unobvious. Perhaps it was because of the fact that there was more time to think ... Just as Korwin's views were obviously obvious, the fact that if someone does not retire, he will not get anything, if he is not insured, he should die untreated under the hospital, as no job, let's go through the programming course and become a 15k programmer, and if he works in a budgets, let him go, instead of strike, so today they are not that simple. It turns out that life is not black and white and thousands of shades of gray perceive humanity only after time. And you're probably wondering how, after these 200 words, I will go over the topic of cycling? Rightly…


The first conclusion that a man comes to is that:



There are no answers to the questions.


I get a question from time to time, such as below. Once, I tried to inquire, establish, help, search, devote time - today I abandoned it. I apologize in advance.




Similar questions fall every day on cycling, triathlon and running groups, and I think that everyone else. I belonged to people who always analyzed the Internet before any purchase, in any way possible: forums, tests, reviews, opinions, analyzes - it took me weeks and every decision left me unsatisfied. There is always a thought in my head that another thing could have been better overall or at least in selected fragments. Over time, I realized that:


Currently, everything is so similar and so good that it generally does not matter what you choose (except for things that are very bad, but usually find out straight).


Opinions of strangers may draw attention to the typical ailments of a given equipment, but whether it is a good equipment for you, you can only judge. I use a Sony RX0 camera that I love. Every review I read on the internet pointed out that this equipment is "for nobody", because why something so small, with such a narrow angle and lack of stability - and yet in the bicycle pocket, for photos - is perfect. There are many more such things.



The more criteria you give when asking, the better suggestions will be (or at least should be). Whenever I see a question about whether Wahoo or Garmin is better and what to choose - my heart bleeds. Or: is Trek or Spec better? Do you really believe that you can universally say - "yes, it's better"? My heart bleeds a second time when I see the answer "Garmin is better because I have and it's cool„.




Occupation: a hatter


My life revolves around Panda, computers and sports. Unless I read about Panda on the internet, and in the case of computers, I try to limit myself to documentation (the day when you discover Stack Overflow is not a universal answer to everything), I read a lot about all kinds of sports about crap. I follow people, read texts, comments, watch movies, browse newspapers, travel pictures - I spend a lot of time on it. Or maybe more - I devoted.



I do not know what this has to do with the text, but I found a photo from last fall ;-)



I found that disgusting things make me nervous in my hobby. I sit at the internet and can not go to sleep because someone is wrong. What hurts me, for example?


When someone puts Ceramicspeed's trolley in eTAP for one and a half thousand, which saves 2.4W, and people give it a push, it's useless. When someone buys a road bike, and others give him a quickie, that he rarely drives, so he does not need one

... but also when I see companies try to convince the buyer that they need these things.


That someone drives every spring to the same place and pats the same route, with a maximum of 137 minutes (because the coach).

... but also when people point out to him that he is always in the same place and does the same, instead of visiting new ones, while he is your likes.


This blogger, what got the thing and writes that it is the best thing in the world, then I buy it and it turns out that it does not.

... and then I remind myself that maybe this is the best thing for him (he just forgot to add the key "in my opinion").


This blogger, who constantly travels and tells others how to live

... and this blogger tells the blogger how he should live.


These people are constantly training instead of hiking.

... and those who are constantly hiking.


These riders, what they say on behalf of all riders. That they thank you in the cinema on behalf of the whole room, because the film was great, that we can not train on bike paths and that cars are enemies.

... and anyone who thinks he has the right to speak on behalf of the entire group he self-proclaims.


This guy, he says shields should never be on the road. And what he says is that electric bikes are bad.

... and the one who explains to him that shields are always better.


This guy, who keeps me on the internet all the time as a sponsor with his smiling face and great success, because even though the race went to him on average he finished, won his life, defeated his weaknesses and was a better version of himself from yesterday.

... but also myself that I am irritated by the unjustified (in my opinion) joy of others.


This guy, who speaks publicly about equipment, training and what to do when it really does not know about it

... and myself when I read my old entries on topics I do not know about.


Cyclists, who speak about dangers on the road, lack of culture and dangers, and then go to Rondo Babka

... and then I remind myself of my entries and my relations with Ronda.


When someone copies the content of my entries

... and then I am looking for the curiosities I will publish on my own.


When someone has to say everywhere that cycling is the hardest and the best sport and all the sportsmen who compare everything with football.

... but they have never gone to anything for cycling.





When someone regularly spam their best offer of trips or bikes, all groups in turn, and I then mindlessly scrollujęfeeling like someone put a commercial in my life like in a movie break on Polsat (except that it does not pay for it).

... and on the other hand I would like it "spam"With your entries, even if they are on the subject, but I have moral resistance to it.


All these Polish cycling associations that kill my favorite discipline and make cycling friends associate only with doping and scams, and global ones that can not decide themselves whether someone is guilty or innocent, which I do not know if Froome is a hero or a bandit.



It's us, while driving - every time we remember one of the outstanding comments or texts.



and above all:


All these media and journalists who write every text in order to make people nervous, outrage and trigger a clicked discussion. People who, on the basis of these texts, written by the hungry clicks of student apprentices who invent stories about Masters stabbing with a needle in the bushes, make each other's opinion. After all, as I read such a headline on the sportfakty.pl website:



Confession of a cyclist-doper: "You have to load the entire pharmacy and have a ton of cash"
They sting 500 times a year, risk heart attacks and chronic illnesses. Despite this, they take to drive even faster, to be even higher. Amateurs!




A well-groomed, rich 40-year-old goes to the bushes. He'll inject the pigs in a moment
A professional cyclist with amateurs: they are drawn. They're going to the corpse, they have no brakes. I do not stand a chance with junkies, I would lose.



I'd like to go to the author and stick those syringes into his eye. I believe that no article about cycling has ever been so nice to me.


... and then I will click on myself to see what people are outraged. I will develop comments myself, look at what people write. I will see that these texts are read by people outside the environment, by which they immediately consider anyone who drives fast for coke. Well, I have a destroyed day, I go bad. The only thing I can do is write a comment. I will think about it, write it, justify it, give arguments - someone will write something offensive to me - the end of the discussion. I do not know if it was gimbus making balls or maybe some serious activist. I write comments, then I delete them, because these discussions are pointless.


And it is exactly the same with these blogs, which I look at only to get excited. With these guys, they keep training, and I follow them, just to see how bad they went. With these channels on jutubie, which I click, to see what brednie thrown: to listen to how important is stretching after a hard workout and how much this bike / gel / helmet, which they got for testing is the best in the world ... until they get another .


Look in the mirror and answer the question: how often do you open an article, how often you develop comments, how often you go to a blog or website, just to get angry or see / say that someone is stupid and is wrong or does something without sense. 



And what is it for? What's this for?



One day there was a breakthrough.

I realized that no one, no one, never convinced anything on the internet.

I understood that a discussion with people does not make sense.

I understood that time is limited and doing things that make people nervous is pointless.

It is difficult to accept that someone is wrong on the internet.

From that day, I decided that I would not click on the texts again, which I know immediately that they are pointless. That I will not read and watch people who I know that each time the same irritating text appears. That I will not get upset with things that I can not influence. Whenever I do not develop comments and przeskrolluję on my board one of such texts, I think I won a few minutes of my life.

It was the day when I became an adult cyclist and my life became easier. I decided to live my life and let others live my life. Even if they live in error ;-)



From today, every time you ignore a silly discussion or article to generate clicks, give yourself one small point of the winner.



You'll exchange points for free minutes in your life.



And for this reason, I turn on the computer less and less frequently. I prefer to look after the work in the wall than read the internet - in many cases, much more developing, and certainly healthier. That's why entries on the blog are less and less frequent, and on the Internet virtually nothing but them. Writing for writing or, worse, writing for statistics and click-through is pointless. Awareness that the text "why the shields on the road are good / bad" or "tubular or tire" or "cars are bad" will always have 10x more clicks than any report from the trip, even at the end of the world. If someone wants a lot of clicks, I recommend the lyrics boxed, or title: "Polish Master Master Coryoliusz Anonimowski takes cheering ?!"And in the content" no, it does not take, but apparently there are those who take. " The worst part of all this is that I will click on it myself when I pop out; (


About the Author:
Every day I work in IT: I restart servers, I click on things and I ask if it has already been repaired. I spend my free time with friends on cycling. We visit the best parties, overcome the most spectacular routes, we ride in the toughest races. Blog allows me to develop my passion and describe the best of adventures, so that you do not have to repeat our mistakes. I am trying to stick to the unpopular rule that quality counts not quantity.