The best bike in the world?


Is there such a thing as the best or fastest road bike in the world?



If you ask me - I will say I do not know. If you ask scientists in the wind tunnel - they'll probably answer Trek Madone. If you look at the results of a professional peloton, you will find that S-Works Venge. If you read the Tour magazine, which compared the resistance of the aero, it turns out that Madone is the fastest, but
his advantage over Veng, Aeroadem, Reacto and Propel is minimal. There are also general rankings in which Aeroad wins the Cervelo S5 in terms of bicycles to be prosecuted, in particular the Roubaix wins in the marathon bikes. I have the impression that it's a bit like with these Polish Championships in the professional category, the age subcategory and the distance subcategory - you just have to find your niche. But choose the best in general?


specialized venge
Here, please, circle. We came up with a round wheel. Now I will tell you about him, as I told everyone before


Only producers can. There are several companies in the cycling world that wash the brain. It's like selling magical pots: you go to laugh and collect freebies, and you go out with a set for 8,000 PLN and still in extra for an extra 5000 PLN was bedding. These are companies whose employees do not accept that their product may not be the best. People known from the opinion: "Hey, I have always used blue socks and I think they are the best." Marketing so intrusive and aggressive (because when you do not agree, the consequences can be terrible), that you do not want to buy and create an automatic aversion to the brand. Let's quit, because we're writing here about bikes, not about marketing.


The day before this entry, Cannondale said he had the fastest bike (tests in the tunnel). Wilier also showed up with shields and hidden lines and it turns out that virtually every manufacturer has released an aerodynamic racing machine on the shields, ready to win ... and they all look almost identical.


specialized venge


Just in case, I edited the text almost a month after it was written. I was afraid that on a very effective presentation, my brain was also washed out.



There is no perfect choice, no matter what they say.


The first question that most cyclists must ask themselves (immediately after determining the budget) is: what road to choose - aero, endurance, mountain (for climbing), or maybe a hybrid. Let's be honest: this question is only because modern technology does not allow to create a machine that is both aerodynamic and lightweight at the same time. Let's look at professional cyclists, who often count fractions of a second: depending on the route profile, they change bicycles. What if you try to get out of the crowd and make your bike light and fast? The one that surpasses the Cinquecenta on the straights, and up the hill, will not (too) interfere with them? This is the goal that guided the creators of the machine about which today's text is.


The faster you are, the more aero bike gives you. The slower you are, the more light it gives - I think so.


specialized venge
specialized venge


Let's return for a moment to the question about the best equipment. Somewhere deep, there in the distant corners of the soul, with three cycles of stomach, 7 lungs and four buttocks (2 extra grow somewhere around 170 km, but apparently only those who do not have shorts from we all know that the best bike produces one of the companies that make masses. Of course, it's nice to have a bike with a legendary Italian legacy (I do not know if that's what they say), but such legacy, let's call it better - heritage, does not go. Therefore, whenever one speaks to someone who knows how to create a framework, about the natural advantage of Italian manufactures, he looks with a slight disbelief and amazement. It hurts not to hurt when it comes to top models, with a lot of certainty I can say that the best is something from the so-called. "mass". Believe me - it's been hard for me to write this.


- Mom, I'm going for bike tests
- What?
- Speszalajzd
- What?
- Speszjalized
- Please?
- Specjalalized
- Aaaaaa.


I'm not a fan of spec. I know that this is a bad text to open the entry, but unfortunately it is and I can not help it. Generally, I have never talked about Specs. About Canyonach talking in terms of quality / price, about Rose is asking, Treki is saying what expensive, what good and how to put together this damn brake in Madonna, Italian is admired, Merida and Giant are slightly mocking (wrongly, but not everything in life must be fair), about Cervelo, Pinarello and Cipollini is mentioned that they were seen, something is said about everything, but Spec? Spec exists as Peter Sagan and this funny helmet with the "S" logo, which looks like the Superman logo crossed with lightning and the front, in which whenever I see it, I want to put a toast or a CD. Specialized is also somewhat wronged by extremely active fans (especially among novice cyclists). Whoever has never heard the bragging of the guest who has "Speszalajzeda", let him first throw a stone.

For me, it is basically the first time since a very, very long time when this brand appeared in my head. The last time I thought about her, when I was driving in a large, 2 sizes, Mazovia marathons. It was the previous decade. I remember that such a S-Works Stumpjumper was a dream for everyone, and its price cap made it equally accessible to me as expensive Mercedes.


specialized venge


Exactly: S-Works. Specialized has done a simple and ingenious thing. He separated the highest lines of his models into the S-Works group. Now you can have a Spec, but do not identify with the poor. On your frame will be S-Works instead of Specialized and everyone will know that it's top and it cost a lot. That there is a man in front of him with expensive and good equipment. Well, what about the fact that you bought Merida for 30k, how can you spend 5k and have the same inscription on the frame ;-) I am a little joke, of course ... a bit not, and we all know it well.


Imagine that you buy a disgustingly expensive, aerodynamic bicycle, you drive to the Beskid Loop, and the organizer will order you to mount a cardboard quickie on the steering wheel.


Let's get to the topic though. Here, before you - a new bike of the American company on "S". Contrary to what each of us supposed, it is not a new Tarmac (i.e., light, up) or a time trial. Here, tududududud:




What are you driving on? In Venice.


It's hard to write about such bikes. It is difficult to assess a company that can shave almost everything from one model: from Giro, Vuelta and TdF to the World Championships. Like me, a Tartar from Mazovia, a man whom they play even at races under the house, I could point out the disadvantages of a bicycle, which is used by one of the best cyclists of the modern era, a man "dog exploding with a pile" - Peter Sagan. You imagine that I approach him and say to him: "Hey, your bike is stupid, because something, my friend has better."




Therefore, as usual, it will not be a completely unbiased review. It will be classic: "after what I saw and went, I think that". In addition, how seriously can you talk about the bike on which you spent several hours? Maybe these hours were spent in Innsbruck, on the route of this year's World Championships - but still - a few hours, on a bike matched to the feel-outs.

Guests invited to Austria and he complains. The soups were overturned.


The presentation.


The new Venge costs PLN 48 699 (or PLN 49,599 for the Sagan Collection version). That's a lot, but when you look at the newsletters with comparisons of the top bikes (eg current Tour), it will turn out that the MOST of tested models costs well above 40k - beautiful times.


Presentations like this, organized by Specialized, are completely pointless from my blogging point of view. I take 3 days of vacation to spend 6 or 7 hours on the bike. 4 of them will consist of riding carefully and repeating more interesting places, so that the photographer can catch the perfect frames, the next is the proper ride, but because of the small number - other places than I would like.

Here I would like to point out that if you see somewhere in the foreign press pictures of the new Venge in the company of people with helmets - toasters, outfits with the "S" logo and beautiful shoes with the inscription "S-Works", somewhere in the distance will be a guy in B'Twinach or Absolute subtitles (ie a store selling mainly Treki) - this was probably the only invited blogger among the journalists of the largest magazines. It was also the only Pole invited to the presentations. Well - it's easier to work with digital, but I already understand what was going on in the email with the invitation and the information "please bring a full Specialized outfit". Let's put off resentments aside and focus on the presentation, because it's worth it.


specialized venge

specialized venge


I must admit that it was one of the best presentations I have ever been to. No fireworks, no marketing gibberish, no empty convincing - dry facts and a man who knows a lot about aerodynamics and pipe constructions. It's Chris - straight from California, the best place on earth - at least for me. I wanted to tell him about it and to mention that I would be happy to find a job there (I repeat it to everyone in the San Francisco area, because you never know), but the conversation did not go away. I tell him that I love his surroundings, and he really is great, it's only problematic that everyone thinks so and everyone wants to come to work there. This breaks off my slightly learned dialogue.


specialized venge


I have such a strange habit that every person who tries to tell me something, I check on the Internet. The first result tells me that Chris is a Taiwanese singer. For a moment, I'm in the depths of youtube. It looks a bit similar in appearance, but it is not him. This "real" Chris Yu is a PhD in aviation science, a title he obtained at the Stanford University, and began his professional career as an intern at the NASA Research Center in California. Hmmm, seems legit - I'll trust him.



First, he conducted a short training, which could quietly make the basis of the book "aerodynamics for the resistant", and then he talked about the process of creating a new frame. It has become faster and better automated as it used to be so long, and over the years, with the advancement and availability of technology. For Specialized, work has accelerated even more, since when they bought their own aero tunnel with a very graceful name: Win Tunnel. You know, like Wind, like the wind, but still Win as a victory - such a joke, a game of words. Making typos in e-mails sometimes brings results.


specialized venge


The whole thing closes in 90 minutes and then I show up with my nerdy questions. Because there are a total of six people on the presentation, so someone had to. Among the many not very intelligent doubts, such as the availability of other colors (yes - they will be black but the fastest one and that's why they always present) I also manage to find out that the aero tunnels will sooner or later get lost. All that's left is to wait for the computers to be advanced enough to be able to carry out the full virtual simulation. Or that it is still largely manual work, not artificial intelligence changing parameters, and then checking their effect. Strange, I was sure that ordinary neural networks and cloud solutions can be harnessed to such things in the 21st century. I try to use different difficult words, because you know - work in California.

It's also one more thing, probably the most important question of the whole trip, but about him in a moment.



First impression


You look at the new Specialized Venge and you think - nice - black one. A bike like a bike, I've seen bicycles in my life, so I know what they look like. However, the moment passes before a very threatening thought strikes me: shit, there is nothing to cling to. I have to admit this: the new Venge is a very nice bike - just like that. Elegant, aesthetic, fast, but at the same time one that does not blow its eyes with either its price or anything else.


specialized venge


This is not a glowing, colorful Colnago with embosses, at which you shout: "Looo, you, but the machine!" (Depending on the shouting: "but pretty" or "but terrible"). It is not Saroni who has put a point of honor in placing the name of every technology used as an inscription on the frame. This is the bike you are looking at and you are saying "Wow" with a serious face and approval. A slight nod of head, respectful, emotions hidden. In the eyes, a bit of jealousy, in the back of your head the awareness that yours is with him some kind of festivities. THIS BICYCLE IS AROUND AESTHETIC.





There are no hanging cables, armor, unused (as well as used) holes in the frame, guides, protruding brakes, clamps, nothing. Oh, there is not even this hopeless junction box from Di2 under the wheel. Because why is this for whom? Aesthetic experiences remain uninterrupted. The question is: how it happened and why other bikes are so underdeveloped. They are like my Skoda, which option is enough, but you see a serious number of buttons, which not only do not do anything, they do not even click. Who needs holes in the eTAP frame?



Very simply: Specialized Venge is a contemporary bike that breaks with tradition and compromises. WE DO NOT INSTALL THIS MECHANICAL GROUP (or electronics with an external battery), OR NORMAL BRAKES. Only discs, only hydraulics. Die the traditionalists. Why so? First of all, you can get rid of all unnecessary holes from the frame. Secondly: electrical and hydraulic cables can be bent much stronger than traditional cable. So you can easily let it go, for example in the steering wheel. And here the huge respect for the Specialized company: one of the important criteria for creating a bicycle was its maximum simplification (again greetings to Treek Madone). So there are no brakes that resemble a puzzle, and there are no cables that only a real artist can really grasp. The untrained eye finds that there are few things in this bike at all.


When I look at what I wrote a month ago today, everything loses meaning. From 1st July, disc brakes will be accepted in the professional peloton. Why make a top frame in two versions when you can do it in one - practically mandatory?


A good example of simplification is the cockpit, which is easy to guess is super-hyper-aero and mega stiff (stiffer than popular, sprinting Zippy and integrated Visiona solutions), but at the same time allows you to use an ordinary bridge and ordinary washers. It's cool because not everyone is a miller who immediately knows what position he needs. The cockpit is nice at all, because the steering wheel is covered with tiny protrusions that increase the friction a bit. Of course, this will not stop your sweaty hand from unfortunate sliding after entering the hole, but it makes it a bit difficult - nice to think about it. The grip itself is quite pleasant, though not as much as, for example, in the Canyon's integrated steering wheel. Feel aerodynamics, flatness and width. If we put our hands in the upper grip - it's cool, but if we want to embrace it in the upper grip (because, for example, pavement), it does not work.


specialized venge


I do not know, maybe only I grab the steering wheel there, but during two days, I did not go through it in the upper grip, not for a moment. I spent a lot of time in the bottom grip because it's really a fast bike. A nice solution is also a special notch on the steering wheel for the wrapper. No more wondering which place to wind up with and unsightly withdrawal from the steering wheel (Kiera does not get thicker in the place where the wrapper is wound up).



From other curiosities, the previously mentioned junction box is located at the back of the seat post. We can move him from there to a standard place, if we are afraid that our advisory board will click itself (which should not happen) or if we do not want our malicious friends tinkering with us somewhere secretly. Apparently it makes it easier for mechanics who need to get to Di2 while driving in a race.



You bought a bike for PLN 47 099 and you hear that the new one is better in every respect.


Okay, but what's all this fuss about. Are we just dealing with a simplified version of Venge Vias? Yes and no. Because, unfortunately, as usual with new products, the new Venge from the previous one is better in every respect. Not only visual, because what the famous humped and sloping bridge of Quasidomo looked like - everyone is glad that this view will remain only in my nightmares, scaring me from time to time. This bike could be seen on posters with the signature: I am collecting for surgery. Well - New Venge is not enough that it finally looks like, it is also lighter than the previous generation Tarmaca. It all seems obvious, because every new model is always a bit better in most aspects, but here we are talking about a quite diametric difference. In relation to Viasa, the most-often winning bike in history, we are talking about the loss of 460gr. Daaaaaamn! Frame and cockpit are 20% lighter, and cradles on the frame by almost 30%. In your face, the owners of Viasa!


460 grams expressed in tubes are more or less ...
Muzzle, how to glue it now ...


To sum up, for 56cm S-Worska Venge on Dura Ace Di2 it gives a result of 7.1kg, and in the version for the poor, that is, regular Venge Pro - 7.45kg.

If you do not look at it, it's still a lot, but after all we are talking about aero category bike, with shields, electrics, obscenely high Roval CLX64 wheels and integrated power measurement for 2 legs. After installing the optional Specialized lemony, it sounds like the perfect bike to start next year Karkonoszmenie (and something similar) - CAN SPECS HEAR ME? :)

Here comes the question that everyone is waiting for:



Who is Tarmac for?


Amateur and semi-tests on the internet show that an efficient amateur drives aero faster than light - even in the mountains.

You do not need to look far, in the aforementioned Karkonoszmenie the first 10 had time bikes (and one road bike with lemondka).


specialized venge


[pullquote] Hello, UCI? Please, take in the forest grandfathers! [/ Pullquote] One can be sure: if UCI does not change the policy regarding the minimum weight of bicycles, in a few years Tarmac will lose absolute sense. In the professional peloton, the bike must weigh 6,8kg - it means that it can actually weigh 6.5kg (because you still need to attach all this measuring electronics) - with Veng it will be difficult. And just as you can say that Venge is already a light bicycle, it is not yet light enough for cyclists fighting for alpine victories, where every gram for a light cyclist matters. Just like any unnecessary turbulence of air is important for the sprinter. There are no compromises in races. However, the word must be emphasized here "YET"- this was confirmed with Chris. Since every year we are able to create a slightly lighter bike, a little stiffer and a little more comfortable, the UCI border will soon be achieved by the aero equipment. Then what?

Already, tests say that fast is faster than light.


First ride


The bike is supposedly not as comfortable as Madone. It is by giving up many complicated solutions in Trek. Chris says something about 10% and some kind of stiffness and something, but it's going to mean that 10% is a very small difference. I do not know how to express convenience in percentages, but this bike is flowing. Maybe it's a 26mmm Turbo Cotton tire (and the bike supposedly holds up to 32mm and it's so honest: 32mm speca tires measure about 34mm and have a 1.5mm clearance), maybe something else. Tires with inner tubes are probably a relic of the road, which will soon be pushed out by tubeless systems - journalists say so and Chris.



The times when sprinting equipment meant pain and the fight with the surface were over. It goes very nice. I mean, it seems to me, because I have never had such a good group on any tests. Let's be honest: not all editors or journalists are race racers. Here it was different. Driveways overcome in the vicinity of 300W, self-propelled group that pats KOMs and up and down. Everyone agrees that something like this has not happened yet. There are longer moments in which only around 400W allow you to stay in the peloton. Because yes - I see watts all the time. When I watch people on Stravia with whom I drove that day, the door handle falls to me several times a week. Specialized has, after all, its bilateral power measurement in the crank. They say it is super-accurate and very light. It's hard for me to judge - it just works.


When you compare a bike very, very expensive with a 2x cheaper bike, but after bikefitting, the other one goes much better. At least with me.


I have to say with embarrassment that unfortunately the bike did not fit in on me. It does not mean that he is angry. Everyone else rushed on him like crazy. I am technically quite weak, so all the inconveniences come out in a multiplied way. Sometimes it just happens that something does not pounce, that maybe the position just did not hit, that if the bridge was otherwise set, it would be better. It's strange, because in the registration form I had to give all my dimensions for several generations back. There were so many of them that I had to contact Wojtek, a bikefitter with Absolute Bikes, to help me. Well, how can I know what saddle in Spec's I prefer? Pro - I thought then. Pro was gone, when I showed up in the garage, I got a calliper and the question what size frame I want.


specialized venge


I feel some problems at fast descents - maybe by the pressure of a very advanced group, or maybe the awareness that it is not my bike, and the surface on which we drive, sometimes it is very wet. The conventions in Tyrol are not easy. The problem is made easier by the saw discs, which even in difficult conditions ... they brake. It does not matter if you like shields or not - it's the future, like electronics. They brake better, they are faster (more aero), they allow to design a better bike. On easier rides the machine is lightning, and the control is pleasant and without reservations.


specialized venge
specialized venge
specialized venge


The only one was suppressed by braking during a downpour. Coming in 6 people, we sound like carollers at times. It rings, squeaks, bounces, scrapes, but stops. He does what he has to do. The modulation is excellent, the effect is immediate - you do not have to wait for the hoop to clear the block. For the two wrongs I prefer the brakes that are ringing, but braking than those that are quiet, but they work "very well, but ...".


specialized venge


I am very irritated by a washer under the bridge, which with a large twist at a standstill. my knee cuts like a razor. It's interesting that no one else sees it - I feel strange again. Speca guys say they are aware of this problem and only appear in tests - we'll see.


Di2 is not intuitive. I envy anyone who does not wash when changing gears.


As for the equipment, I will leave it silent. A lot has been said about the new Dura Ace Di2 on the net. It's an excellent group in which everything works well. Well, there is a drawback, which I always write with embarrassment, but as it appears in every text about Di2, here I also have to enter it. As a Campy and eTAP user, I can not engage in Shimano gear changes. Remembering which way the wajcha changes, takes me a few hours minimum. From the corner of my eye I see that not only I have this problem, but I suspect that in printed magazines it is simply not worth mentioning. It's nice if one day it was also possible to eliminate this characteristic "bzzzzz" sounding like a metal ball when changing the front gear. The operation itself seems a bit better than in eTAP, but these are minimal differences and I still think that the Srama system is simply more fun.



A second impression

The choice of the place where the presentation takes place and the routes we travel on (ie the same ones where the fight for the title of World Champion 2018 will take place) is very brave on the part of the organizers. Let me remind you that this year's route is nearly five kilometers vertically and there are ramps up to 25%. Who is the normal person in such a place to present aero bike, not one that was created with the thought of highlanders?

On the last World Championship podium, I pray that Venge will turn into my light Rose. When it comes to stand-up speeds, every gram matters.


specialized venge


I will say diplomatically: a few of the roads planned by us are being renovated - the Austrians are probably changing very good asphalts to excellent ones. This makes it necessary to look for detours with some side lanes. The ones we saw from the plane and we wondered if it was possible to ride them. An endless network of small threads that wrap the slopes, led only to make it easier for the Tyrolis to drive to Spara for shopping. These roads can be steep ... very steep. One of them is also the last driveway on the route of the World Championships. It is pain and a massacre reminiscent of the worst memories of such places as Mortirolo, Punta Veleno, whether Modre Sedlo. So we have the opportunity to check both stable, several-kilometer driveways, as well as the walls of crying. Experience suggests that usually in the group of journalists I am rather with stronger and calmly I can go with the first group. Here is a serious problem.


specialized venge
specialized venge


Evening talks with pizza explain the matter a bit - if you tell someone that you are from Poland, and he says that he is a beautiful country, because recently there have been a German team for the race Bałtyk-Karkonosze, you know that you are talking with a strong man. My more than half a kilogram of lighter Rose drives up a lot better - especially when an inevitable bomb appears on the horizon. Perhaps it is through the psyche that seeing the massive frame and the cockpit explains to the body that this bike must be heavy. Maybe it's the fault of more than 60mm cones that make a noise that should be heard rather during downhill and sprinting. Maybe it's their weight, because the version for the shields and tire is 735g + 880g. I suspect that if you put a light set with a lower profile, the sensations would be completely different. I feel the bicycle designer's insult to me for saying "light set" (I mean, he would insult if he read and understood it in Polish) - after all they are one of the lightest wheels in their class. Only this is not a mountain class, it's a high-speed class.


As it is fast, fast bikes are also fast. As it is slow, fast bikes are upset.


In my opinion, it is still not a bike in the mountains, but it is probably obvious. I am not sure, however, what I am saying after the recent Krkonoše experience. If you must have one bike and you do not live near the Izerski stacks, the new Venge seems to be a good choice. For your happiness, you can equip him with a spare set of climbing wheels and have everything in one, but put low wheels on the aero bike? Noooo. Naturally, this is not a requirement, of course, because Rovala is one of the best wheels on the market. They easily distribute the blades to lighter and unjustly considered by many of the cycling brothers the best: Lightweight. The advantage of Lightweigts is that they are more expensive - in our environment high price is often treated as an advantage, because the more expensive things are better.


specialized venge


How else does an ordinary consumer who does not like to rely on the results of tests of self-respecting German printed magazines is to decide what is better? After all, most of the aspects mentioned here are - by amateurs - imperceptible. I admire journalists who went with me for an immediate statement about how much new Venge is better than the previous one.
I'm not so effective. I see a much nicer bicycle, I see a better cockpit, I feel a lower weight (yes, half a kilo already feel) and after combining these facts I know that it is better equipment. This does not make the previous models bad. They are simply worse ;-)




If this text is too long, you can read the articles of other portals that have put their observations in front of me, for example: Venge at or Venge in Cyclingtips.

The new Specialized Venge is a great bike. This is a bike that shows the rapid technological progress that we have been experiencing over the past years. Things presented as close to perfection quickly become obsolete. It's lighter, more aero, more comfortable, simpler, nicer - what more could you want? The break with limiting solutions like medieval links is a step forward, which will probably soon translate into lower models. After all, expensive bikes and expensive accessories are made - in time to transfer these solutions to equipment intended for the people. We know it well from accessories, both on the road and MTB.


Technological progress simultaneously develops and kills the desire to buy. Awareness that any day your best bike in the world will be much worse than the ones currently on the market, it is slightly depressing.


I am waiting impatiently when Tarmac (and competition) will follow Specialized and abandon their attachment to the solutions of the past.



Venge will win. You can say that the leg wins, not the bike, but in the professional peloton the case looks a bit different. When photophoresis is at stake, and the advantage is calculated in distances measured with spokes fractions, every fraction of the watt has significance. With us, ordinary cyclists, the matter is simpler - most of the best of us would still win, even on equipment from several years ago. But what does it matter? If you spend tens of thousands on a bike, you want it to be nice and you want it to be good. While the appearance is a matter of taste, technological aspects are behind Specem. The marketplace is for everyone - for Italian machines with history and for American or German machines that are created in laboratories are nothing but engineering perfection. Of course, perfection today, because in a year or three it will turn out that high wheels can weigh as much as low today, and today's light aero frame is a brick.

The question remains: is the bike that wins the World Championships or the one that saves more watts in laboratory conditions faster?



Innsbruck, intrusion outside the subject.

The whole event takes place in Innsbruck, or more precisely in the very center - a four-star hotel, with probably the best views in the city: aDlers Hotel.



Innsbruck is a beautiful city, but walking around it, I can not give up the impression that I have seen it all somewhere. If you have ever visited some Bavarian towns in the south of Germany - it is exactly the same. Clean streets, a lot of people (mainly tourists from Asia), beautiful tenements and what is the most important - huge mountains. However bad it sounds, Innsbruck is in a huge hole. We can therefore count on a great panorama of the city, seen from above in virtually every direction. On the other hand, the streets in the city give the impression of falling straight into the mountains. That is actually the case, the start of mountain climbing is possible directly from the city center. We can make it easier for a cheap train - it's a ski area.



Maybe it's expensive with us, or maybe I've got used to it a bit, but I'm positively surprised with prices in the city (except drinks). Kebab, which we will quietly eat, 4-5 euros, pizzas in the market start at 8euro. Half a liter of cola to kebs or a large cola at McDonalds is already around 2.5eur.



In the city itself, there are few other curiosities outside the market. It is an Alpine ZOO, there is a famous house (or rather a tenement house) with a golden roof, and of course the Bergisel ski jump. Forgive the lack of photos from her summit, but I'm pity 10 euros to enter the place where I used to be. The views of the city are of course not bad, but are much better from the surrounding hills. Innsbruck is OK, but in my opinion it should be treated only as a base - it works great. This is a small city, with about 120,000 inhabitants, which is half less than Warsaw's Praga Południe.




To climb the Nordkette, I transferred the flight for a later hour with the permission of the Spec. I was quickly swallowed - it turned out that by storm my change in Frankfurt would be extended by half a day - I did not have time for it. As a consolation, I got a night in the Sheraton, two meals and an airport voucher for 10 euros from Lufthansa. Seemingly cool, but the sheraton meals for Lufthansa guests have little in common with the normal. It is such help for flood victims. Plus there is a waiting room for changing tickets, equipped with an unlimited number of bars and drinks. I do not know if Snickers and KitKats are what should be given to hungry and tired people, but here it works. Amazing how much the travelers like to take care of the innocent information workers for the fact that the plane is late, but even more amazing is how quickly they forget their anger when they see free bars. And also the fact of how many of these bars take, passing discreetly next to the pram repeatedly is amazing. I thought that the cycling jersey contains a lot of food, but it is not. Tourists pierce everything.



Nordkette reminds me that the world is not only a highway. I set off on a trip to the mountains, in a very irresponsible style. They take the camera and go. I will survive these few hours without water. It quickly turned out that the pace of walking in the mountains does not resemble that of walking around Skarysz. I go with gravels and paths on which MTB bikes move. From time to time, a downhill path, marked out by the slope, intersects my way. I dream about MTB, I envy them unimaginably, because the route is more than charming. From the city itself, you can easily ride a bike on the Nordkette lying at 2,000 meters above sea level, and adding a walk to it, 300 meters higher. Walking from the shoe is free, but it allows me to see how many different walking routes I miss.




After 15km and about 3 hours I am at the top, where I am welcomed by a billion tourists who came here in 20 minutes by cable car. Quick calculation of time and after summing up with a walk along the top scenic route, it turns out that unfortunately I will have to return with them. However, this is irrelevant. Last time I was doing so well thanks to the views in Grand Canyon. Nordkette reminds me very effectively that it is sometimes worthwhile to get some time for classes other than a bike. I think that there is nothing to write about him, photos will suffice.



Is it worth buying Specialized Venge?

This question is out of place here, because if any of my friends ask me if it is worth to buy Wen, I will answer him that I will not. The moment I write these words I do not know how much the price for Specialized Venge will be in the top version, but I suspect that it may be closer to PLN 50,000 than PLN 40,000. It's a bit much even for IT from the capital ;-)


Tens of thousands for a bike is probably a lot. Browsing the catalogs, however, it turns out that an astonishing number of bikes falls into the range of 35-50k.


On the other hand, I know that expensive bikes go down quite well in stores, and people buying Trek frames for 20,000 PLN are much more than we think. In the case of Trek, the advantage is that you can assemble a bike in Project One, which is unique (although the word is more on the spot: your own, because the choice is limited) painting.


If money meant to me, I would not choose this bike


It's hard to look for alternatives here. Even the top version of Colnago C60 on Lightweight should be a lot cheaper. There is probably no doubt that while in this case we can talk about pedigree and history, no one in their right mind will say that Colnago can be a better technological bicycle. 


Two hipsters sip a coffee made from a monkey's pile with the addition of soy milk at Plac Zbawiciela. One asks the other if he likes to ride a bike. The man replies that yes, but only on the expensive one. Then you appear in Wen and look at them and their bikes with indulgence. I will pass: "bitch, please" you've mastered to perfection.


If you are the owner of Kulczyk Investments, you can look at it for a joke ULTIMATE CF EVO 10.0 LTDwhich currently costs only 58999 PLN. Only that again - we have a bike weighing less than 6kg, but the price is artificially conquered with Lightweight wheels, and the cables are still hanging from the steering wheel, responsible for handling the classic brakes. That would probably be the right addition to Wen on these "more demanding routes". Then Cervelo P5x in a similar price for time trials and you can say at work: "I have only 3 bikes, my wife does not allow more."



... or maybe Trek?

Well, but still the main competitor: Trek Madone 9.9 for PLN 49,999.
I wrote the entire paragraph about him, but I had to delete him. After all, it's dishonest to compare Speca to Madonka from previous years, when we already know that this year she will also be shown on shields for the first time this year. Her first performances have already taken place at races and I am very happy that I do not have to compare these bikes,


…maybe not?

What would I choose?

I also had to delete this paragraph. The abolition of the ban on shields by UCI means that most manufacturers will probably present models on their shields. Lately, aerodynamics were also much more important than weight. Specialized Venge is lucky that he was the first I saw in this version. I do not know what I would choose.


"Take advantage of the moment, do not miss anything, you will not take anything to the grave." Such an inscription is supposedly carved on the golden roof in Innsbruck. However, this is the right place for Venge's presentation ...



Let's be honest - these choices are not made through the prism of the price. This is equipment for a person who wants to be sure that the bike is the last thing that should limit it. Alternatively, it is equipment for a person who does not ask for prices in stores. He goes to the store, says "best please" and leaves. Colleagues on the Beverly Hills golf course might ask him, but not really. Other bicycles are intended for the WOW effect. Mario Cipollini, for a reason, released a series of frames with crystals with a lot of speaking name: RB1000 Luxury Edition.


If you are a cyclist who does not ride in typical mountains and want to have the best bike in the world, S-Works Venge will not let you down. It is not known whether it is the best, but the statement that it certainly is not will be a manifestation of ignorance.


I do not have the courage to say that this is not the best bike in the world.


I recently watched a documentary about Scott Tucker on Netflix. He is a racing driver and a guest who earned 400 dollar bubbles on an unprofitable loan interest. There are a lot of shots in the film when he trains a trainer in his home with his bike. Guess what a bike it was ... I'll tell you that it's not Trek ;-)


Below are some photos from the photographer who traveled with us: Valentin Rapp