Polish Cross-Country Championships, Szczekociny 2020

We went to Szczekociny for the Polish Cross-Country Cycling Championships. Every year we tell ourselves that it's a shame to spend a day living on such a trip. Every year, in January, we stand 4 hours in the cold and wonder & #8222; what went wrong, that we are here again? & #8221 ;. We were once at the World Championships in Valkenburg, we were at the Belgian Championships in Kruibeke, we were twice at the Polish Championships and we are regulars at Syrenka CX. For people who are not interested in professional cycling, we watch quite a lot of it. Or maybe we just go for fries, sausage and donuts & #8230 ;?

By the way, the next time you write a comment on the internet indignantly that footballers earn a lot or that cycling is completely overlooked, think about where have you been and what did you do that day.

What didn't I like?

My photographic attitude

I discovered that in every area of life it is the same as with bicycles. I borrowed the trip courtesy of Leica & #8222; the best compact in the world & #8221; i.e. Leica Q2. It turned out that it is like expensive bikes: first of all, with their equipment driven, the amateur will go faster than the top, but borrowed, and secondly, things for amateurs are better for amateurs than things for professionals, in the hands of amateurs. So the pictures are what they are ;-)

That the place promotes cycling so much

Here is a place 220 kilometers away from me, which, according to Google Maps, is easier to reach by bike than by transport. It's a small minus, because most people will come by car anyway.

That a place was found without accommodation

No small feat. Most of these accommodations, which can be seen on the Bookings below, were unavailable.

I have the impression that the Polish Championships are organized in the most hidden places of the map of our country as much as possible. On the other hand, these two years ago were in the most exposed place, because the competition could be watched from the Częstochowa express station & #8211; Katowice.

That broken down for two days.

I don't know if anything can be done about it, but I would like at least Masters to ride the same day as the Elite. I don't want to go to Szczekociny twice, and I really would like to see the competition of many of my friends. Hence:

That I don't have anyone to support.

Because Malysz is not here. We lack colorful characters that are followed on the Internet. The ones that don't always upload signed photos: & #8222; look, I'm again in warm countries, and you don't & #8221; that don't press on every photo of the products of companies they work with that don't throw their heads in the yard with information that the athlete's life it's so heavy and requires tremendous regularity, and you read it from the 7th hour, 4th day in a row in front of the monitor. There is a shortage of people who you know from the Internet and read with interest following their sport and private life from this interesting site, not from the omelette with spinach and coffee on the beach in Moraira. A bit like Bartek Mikler, whose entries may like or not, but are colorful. You can then support him to win because you like him, or you can support him to lose because you don't like him. You know, yes & #8222;on Halejaka& #8221; (from 15 seconds), he will stand and cry, and you will look and laugh.

For a long time I was an anti-fan of Marek K, because I was worried about the fact that he wins MP, and then he doesn't go to the World Championships, which means I have no one to support there again. Then I got smart and asked myself: & #8222; why would someone pay for the opportunity to represent the country & #8221; and it turned out that unfortunately I don't care who wins in the elite. So many years of stupid mistake. Only reliable Adam Żuber (and his big bus) remained to cheer me up.

And besides, the form of sports is more or less the same as for the Mermaid CX and most of the time it is watched as Formula 1.

That the route did not impress me.

The route from the players' point of view was supposedly cool, from the point of view of the fan & #8211; debatable. Let's be honest and painful & #8211; the fans want to watch the direct fight and the fight with the route (read: misfortunes;)). I lacked a hard hill, some difficult ascent and some direct fight, and I do not mean a straight start and narrowing the route to the width of one player a bit further. It is also a pity that there were no more land folds, such as those that work as viewing platforms & #8211; you stand in one place, you see a large part of the route.

The weather didn't impress me

Where's the mud, where the crap, where the ice, snow and anything funny ?!

That there are so many Polish Champions.

I know, that's cycling. We have champions on flat, on hills, on time, on a thousand competitions on the track and in cross-country we have champions in: Master V, Masters IV B, Masters IV A, Women Masters Open, Masters III A, Masters III B, Masters II A, Masters II B, Masters I, Junior Junior, Junior Junior, Junior, Junior, Elite Women, U23 women, Elite men, U23 men

That this turnout in the elite was strange:

There are 35 people in the elite race, 20 of which are not in the elite, but in U-23

That my girlfriend has been sitting on the internet since Sunday watching PZKOL meetings

He says that he laughs at her and how big she will be an activist. She discovered some classics, but I have the impression that she is watching it with a face like us, many years ago, when we first saw a guy in Jackass vomit in a pan, make scrambled eggs and eat it. You know: such a contorted face saying: & #8222; NIE & #8221; & #8230; and launching the next episode.

What did i enjoy

I liked that there were people.

Apparently 600 starters (although a large part on Saturday). Shock. A statement that breakthroughs are coming out of the closet would be exaggerated, but I did not even know (again) that there are so many cross-country bikes in Poland! In my opinion it is a sport that makes you happy only when you can play it, so estimate.

That there was a grill, a DJ, a draw, there were SZOSA newspapers and so on.

Of course, the DJ was playing in a tent that people didn't come to, they didn't have veg on the grill, and the prize draw (except for the main one) WAS DURING THE WOMEN'S ELITE RACE, but I feel like a wacky stupid saying, & hey, I went to Szczekociny and they didn't have vegetarian meat on the grill & #8221 ;.

DJ Kwejk Kejwka is a great guy, he took me into the unexplored depths of youtube & #8217; a. I found several of his hits played during proms & #8211; I didn't even know he had such famous songs! Then I decided to go for coffee and do nothing more this morning.

That after many years I discovered that Azalia Brzóza Królewska is not the name of the athlete

I was led to such a conclusion by the decoration on which Azalia is getting younger every year.

That all week after returning home I have something to read on the internet

What did the great money for the organization go for, why no one disqualified false starts, why the route was illegally narrow, why something was wrong with the service box, why some were disqualified for number modification, something about alcohol but no one knows what and so on & #8230;

That there was internet broadcast

There were commentators, there were even shots from the drone, so richly. Very good. It is a pity that you probably forgot to mention it earlier ;-) You can broadcast repeat yourself here.

That it's still a little unleavened.

Because Szczekociny, these buses with a million stickers of local companies standing next to a huge bus MAZOVIA HEART OF POLISH CYCLING TEAM, from which one competitor started, that these people with a tummy and mustache, a little too big costumes and in general a return to the past colliding with masterful professionalism.

That it was cool racing.

And this is the most important thing. I doubt that breakthroughs would once be a popular sport in Poland, if an outstanding talent is not born, but it does not matter. The party was generally good and could be enjoyed. Both starters and fans. Such a little Mermaid CX combined with a potato festival in a larger village.

A very beautiful event, beautiful organization, thank you very much to all the organizers, activists, local government officials, trade unionists for this excellent event and that they have found time for these young athletes, so many of our celebrities put their heart and let us follow in the footsteps of the great Polish, global cyclists!

& #8230; sorry, it happened to me

And it's OK, the minimum plan made. There were people, there was prosecution. The Mermaid CX shows that all you need is good people, some security tape and a fairly intelligent route. You don't need much. Cool party.

And there are only a few details, such details that are a bit wondering about which no one writes (loudly), because that would be the level of Super Express & #8230;

About people from technical teams who get banged up in three backside almost collide with the competitors on the route (but they don't mind because awareness is somewhere else).

About situations in which such a guardian embraces the finishing player. Mutual Advantage & #8211; one receives thanks, the other receives stability.

That when passing next to some buses, when a person unknowingly takes a puff on the air, then he is afraid to get behind the wheel.

About this patting each and every one and a hundred thousand exchanged constantly positive epithets. When everyone thanks everyone, when everyone praises everyone. This leaves no doubt who really matters at this event and for whom it is organized. I think that players should be grateful to the generous local government and trade unionists that they gave them a chance to participate in such a great event.

Even the announcer does not hide this, who repeatedly talks about the previous day's banquet, which was & # 39; carnival, heavily carnival & #8221;, and despite this fatigue everyone today came to the race again. WTFFFF ?!

The essence of the announcer is the moment when it brings more people to the stage (to say thanks) and among them also asks Mrs. Agata Lang per & #8222; please Mrs. Agatka & #8221 ;.

& #8230; and such different, other meaningless bullshit

But maybe it's just my pickup and I write it only to have something to attach to. Because these are details. Activists and local government officials deserved it, and I just envy them having fun.

* of course it is not that there is some more alcohol than in Belgium, there are the same, only a lot less people.

** and of course this is a weak joke, a large part of the supporters in such Belgium or the Netherlands are absolutely drunk in the middle of the race and also doing the pinch.