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Slovak Paradise: emptiness, mountains and occasionally Gypsy children in the puddle

In winter, we visited a land that is not very well known for cycling conquests. I do not associate any races there, I do not associate relationships with the best routes or photos. It looked like it was taken out of the horror: gray, gloomy, occasionally some gypsy, some snow. She could do scenography for a post-apocalyptic drama about the Snow Queen. How do these areas look like in the summer?

Jarna Klasika 2015

Jarna Klasika, the first mountain racing in the season - entry to this year's Tatry Tour. A point on the cycling calendar that cannot be missed

Tatry Tour 2014

The best race of the year. In fact, it's 3/4 of the best race of the year. Last year's mention is definitely the best racing adventure of the season. Beautiful route, well secured, long, a lot of cyclists, cool surface and a bit of everything: downhill, driveways, cities, villages, Gypsy children on the route. The plan for this year was simple: break with 6 hours.

Jarna Klasika

If someone asked me what I know of the ugly word for the letter "h", I would not hesitate today that Hrebienok. Because it was a hard race. Really. After Tatry Tour, which starts in the same place, I thought that nothing would surprise me.

Tatry Tour 2013

My first really big road race. As it turned out later, probably the best race during the whole season. It will definitely be permanently added to my calendar as a key one.