The slower we move the faster we die. Make no mistake, moving is living.

- Ryan Bingham


Jarna Klasika 2014

[dropcap] G [/ dropcap] if someone asked me what I know of an ugly word for the letter "h", I would no wonder today that Hrebienok. Because it was a hard race. Really. After Tatry Tour, which starts in the same place, I thought that nothing would surprise me. This was also the case for the majority of the spring classic by Jarn Klasik, which is visited by more and more people every year. At this year, the number of friends from Warsaw exceeded many of our local races. There was no sign of the drama. And it was like this: the race started quickly, even very much. A few quite serious dump trucks from the very beginning, because the joyful Slovaks decided to steal quite large asphalt rectangles from the roads. In fact, you could expect missing elements of the route, given the number of gypsy villages that pass by in that area. Well, anyway, the first person avoided these holes quite effectively, the second also, 10. already had a problem, 30th consciously fell into them and was able to jump out of them, but in the end, there was always someone who failed. There were rubbers, fractures, cuts, a full cycling set. Then the peloton got a little bit, luckily I got into a very efficient, 5-person group, which we arrived riding mercilessly to the last climb. I knew that the route ended with a driveway, but I didn't foresee the fact that this driveway preceded another driveway: over 5km with an average slope of 5%. Apparently not much, but it was one of those bitumens that you see to the horizon and have the impression that they will never end. Having exerted all his strength on him, the famous Hrebienok already reminded him of the way to hell. 2.8km with an average slope of over 9% gives quite a lot of time to think about whether while running a person does not move faster. Additional motivation are definitely people who have already finished the race and happily, with a donut in their hands, are coming back the same way. And it is known that donuts are countable and maybe the person in front of you will eat the last. A speed of 10 km / h allows you to think seriously about many issues. In particular, the issue of donuts just eaten. As for the organization, as usual, apart from the obviously stolen asphalt fragments, you can't fault Slovakia. Both Jarna and Tatry Tour are crème de la crème amateur mountain races.

In the end, 118km of the route with ~ 1600m surpass took 3: 25h. This gives an average of just under 35km / h. There is no crazy, but it is not bad.



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