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Tatra Road Race, or we went to rest in the mountains

You know this statement from time to time at work: "I am making a longer weekend - I'm going to rest in the mountains. I will relax a bit, charge the batteries (...) "? Once again, we tried to do so and again something went wrong. Probably one of the most difficult racing routes of the year.

Skitury na Kasprowy: Idea for the weekend

The first approach to ski skis and straight from the thick pipe. On the occasion of a visit to Zakopane, we decide to put the bicycles aside for a moment and enter Kasprowy Wierch from the side of Kuźnice in sunny, but not very favorable weather.

Tatry Tour 2014

The best race of the year. In fact, it's 3/4 of the best race of the year. Last year's mention is definitely the best racing adventure of the season. Beautiful route, well secured, long, a lot of cyclists, cool surface and a bit of everything: downhill, driveways, cities, villages, Gypsy children on the route. The plan for this year was simple: break with 6 hours.

Tatry Tour 2013

My first really big road race. As it turned out later, probably the best race during the whole season. It will definitely be permanently added to my calendar as a key one.