So much luck in the whole city,
You have not seen it yet!


It must have been an excellent weekend. Tatra Road Race - probably the best large road race in Poland. I started preparing for it in November (and finished in February, because I got bored, but it does not matter). Everything exactly planned. Only three days before the race, I was laid out by the illness which the next day I infected Panda. The start was gone. As if that was not enough: 1.5 weeks before the start, a slightly computerized computer virus withdrew half of the world to the Middle Ages for a dozen or so days (colleagues, what a copy of the planned for tomorrowthey probably stayed there). It also did not help, as apparently I work on computers. It reminded me then how pointless it is to plan any summits for a specific amateur day. You can not predict the Spanish Inquisition, just like viruses.

So we contacted the organizer to find a replacement job, because it's a pity that the weekend in the mountains is gone. He pushed us to his service car. I used to ride one in the peloton on the Tour de France, on this famous day when Majka won the stage (although the main thing that I remembered was driving me by the director of the race for waving GoPro in the car). There were no such problems here, it seemed to be great.

On Saturday morning I flew a drone into a tree, dropped from 49 meters on asphalt. He died forever. Happiness in misfortune that it was the center of Zakopane, and he did not kill anyone.

Then GoPro died, with whom a friend was supposed to record a race, so that there would be some interesting prints in the film. If you like to go with a webcam and do not like to stick movies, I recommend GoPro Session. In 86% of cases recorded material is lost;)

For transport to the place, we would like to thank Piotr from, who drove us to the place, because in our agonal state we would not be able to get there alone, let alone come back. For a joke, we took bikes that we did not even travel a kilometer.

The race, seen from the side, shows how big this venture is. Unfortunately, I can not write a report about vertical mountains, a downpour that has put up dozens of people on narrow and technical descents, sufferings, heat and other standard experiences. However, I would like to draw attention to this entry as to what the ideal amateur race should look like. Is Tatra Road Race perfect? Probably not, but as the English say: it's pretty, damn close!


The Tatras are the most beautiful, Polish mountains for cycling


panorama brouhaha


There is no doubt about it. Maybe Zakopane is not too beautiful (he, he, he), nor friendly, maybe for 7 months in the year in his vicinity fear to sniff the air, maybe the journey can be dramatically bad (those maybe it gets a lot), but the Tatras are one of the prettiest mountains in Europe. Despite the relatively low altitude and total absence of asphalt roads through high mountains, they impress everyone. Probably because they grow out of nothing. Our southern neighbors can be seen a little better, but trust me - there are some views on our side that are breathtaking. Tatra Road Race in combination with the Nowy Targ Challenge and Rally around the Tatra Mountains will make you see most of the most important ones.

Well, of course it is not true, because during the race you can see mainly darkness and asphalt, but these rides give such an opportunity, if only you have enough strength to raise your head. Leading the race on a nice, scenic route, technically difficult and with good asphalt is a big achievement and half of success. The Beskid loop proves that even if most of the other things are taken care of, the route itself is enough to attract us.


You know who to give you, you can give


krystian pirogue


The races are answered by Krystian Piróg and Cezary Szafraniec (plus a billion people who help them) and everyone knows them. You can also easily locate them in the race. If you do not like something, you like something, or you just dream about giving in a loud voice, for the last hill, what was already ending, and there was one more behind it - you can look at them and imagine if it was. Contact with them and the TRR profile on Facebook is more than good. I know what problems people write to me, I know how many friends wrote to TRR about przenienie / zapytenia / przepisanie / doinformowanie / pogoda / droga etc. and each of them got an answer. It's very cool, especially when compared to organized races impersonally.



attitude to the organizers
Participants' attitude to the organizers over the year



Piston, or I'm sorry, I stood here, only I went


tatra road race start

There is a crowd at big races, that's the rule. Velo Toruń is a tragedy. It's nice that more and more people are interested in cycling, but unfortunately: cycling is not running. Here, the crowd is trouble. You set up three days earlier with the screens in the 4th row, and then a thousand people come, half of which stands in front of you and the other half in You. Even those in sandals and flip-flops. Tatra Road Race is also growing in an alarming, but still controlled pace. There are a few tricks that make you feel not crowded here (so much, because at the start of friends like on gassach).

First, sectors. It has always been known that dividing people into age categories is pointless, because is there any rule that the 19-year-old is faster or slower than 29 and 39 who compete in separate categories? Here it is different - 3 sectors, in the first top 40 open from the previous year, in the second one starting last year, in the third rest. In addition, the possibility of entering a sector after documenting the results.

Secondly, the profile of the route: if at the very beginning there is a large driveway, everything stretches and everyone goes to a place close to the one on which they will enter the finish line. This is also the case on the Beskid Loop thanks to Zameczek. The main problem here is that you need to have a big hill at hand.



Security, or dogs-kamikaze and shopping-grandmothers


tatra road race gubałówka


The amount of phone calls made in the car is probably only comparable with the Neostrada hotline, when there is a global breakdown, and on this day, on the torrents, a new episode of Game of Thrones appears. People are calling, that an ambulance is needed, that the concrete mixer has been blocked on the side of the road, that someone blocked the traffic permanently instead of pendulum, that what's up, that what to do and how to go. The outgoing number of connections is similar in total. A large list with a telephone number for each person standing at the crossroads is so fast that plain paper would take fire immediately.

Because imagine such a situation. You are flying 80km / h by car, along winding paths, behind you the race leader is going on solo and it's getting closer and closer, and you can see the intersection by 90 degrees and the guest who protects them is standing under the roof 30 meters away, because the sky is falling with a hail . You have 4 seconds to call him and give him attention, or stop, say, move ... and probably dig up the potential winner of the race from the trunk lid.

Going in the race does not pay attention to how many people need to put up for long hours in place. In the heat, in the rain, in boredom - they stand there. Not counting the last straight, going through Kościelisko, there is no place for Tatra Road Race to stick to. How to avoid it? I have no idea, and it is too big a way to exclude it permanently.

Did you know that the organizers personally checked in each house on narrow and steep roads to anticipate the upcoming race?

Or that in the churches, during the parish announcements, did the priests anticipate this? These are trifles that can not be seen and which save lives on these famous roads, where the kamikaze dogs are throwing themselves under the wheels of the riders.


Photograph, i.e. show suffering!


tatra road race gubałówka


Do you know what they usually bring from losing races? Memories and stories. Winners bring cups and prizes. In this race, souvenirs are also brought by people with a bit of luck, because the tombola draw is like nowhere else. Only if you are the life's wretch, which you never draw and never wins - what to do ?!

Well, hunt for photos. On the Tatra Road Race there are hired photographers and they take pictures that later flood the Internet, because they are free. Not only is it still good. Every runner knows how cool it is to enter a photomathoon, see some of his photos and be able to buy each of them for PLN 6 ...

Pictures remind you how much you suffered and how much you should not start next year. On the other hand, they also show how hard it is, so out of two, it's better to suffer and be able to throw it in than to avoid this event;)


Discrimination, that is, girls are cool, but at home


tatra road race


The race on the long distance ends 13 girls, on short 37. Considering the fact that many of them did not manage to get to the finish line, the result very decent. It also shows that girls do not really have to take away the right to take off long distances - especially in races where landscapes and fun count. All you need to do is set a time limit. It can be high and difficult to achieve, but it is the only fair solution.

How the organizers care about equality is evidenced by the fact that when decorating women, they took over kissing ladies from the podium.



Undernutrition, or the age-old dilemma: a bun or result


tatra road race buffet


Tatra Road Race is one of those races where your inner rider fights more than usual with him. Of course, you can fight on climbs, with competition, with the weather, with adversities of fate and with yourself. You can beat yourself and be your better version from tomorrow today! Yes, I would certainly write if I was running a serious motivating blog. The real fight, however, is between the desire to get a good time and a stopover for one more bun. How lucky I was to meet the buffet and get 3 (... or maybe 4) - one in each hand.

[pullquote] WADA TRR - ŁUHUUU! [/ pullquote] Here I would also like to mention about the pre-made racing pasta, thanks to which I am overjoyed, because I have the opportunity to point out the TRR defect! Food was over - it was not enough for everyone! (although there are rumors that later they reported). The genesis of the situation is so simple - the pasta overlapped itself, and was too tasty. You know that you should do enough after so many hours, and you know that it does not fall out. It should be is always stronger than falls. Because if you can not do something and you really want it, you can.


Dehydration, i.e. throw a water bottle!


tatra road race water bottles


The most often repeated phrase (apart from those offensive at the organizers' address) is already cult throw a water bottle. For the next 12 months, no matter where we are, we shout everywhere throw a water bottle. Tatra Road Race is rich. Always with a slight jealousy you look at how a race dude in front of you throws a bottle somewhere in the field. You cry then You garbage man, you think Damn, it's cool. Here we go a step further, we get full bottles at the buffets. It's like having friends who follow you on the weekend just to serve you water bottles.

To make it better, all the abandoned bottles (and even more, looking after what remains) are later picked up in the town of competition.




tatra road race


Packages are always a matter of debate. On the one hand, it's cool as a starter, on the other it's nice to have a souvenir. Leaflets, chocolate bars, gels, and iso are not a particularly useful thing for someone who usually purchases kilogram supplies in nearby Decathlon. That is why we suffered a lot when on the Beskid Loop it turned out that we would not get commemorative socks. The situation was repeated every year and we have to constantly ride in these 10-year-olds, with the inscription Wisla 2007 (the date may be different). Such a little vintage, like the World Cup France 1998 shirts. The best are unusual and commemorative things. Like a cleaning cloth (such a hand towel) from Jarna Klasiki.

Here again, Tatra Road Race meets your needs, because you want to choose what you want in the package. You just want a number (hurray, non-refundable and not on the wheel!) And discount coupons? You pay little. Do you want with a hat, t-shirt, cap and t-shirt? You pay more. Brilliant in simplicity.


Everyone wins in this game! You can also win! I invite you!


tatra road race


The races that are successful can be counted on one hand with us. The running idea that everyone who completes something is a master, I am a bit alien. Here, fitting in the time limit of entering the second loop (over a long distance) is a success. It's cool, especially for people starting their adventure with cycling. Do not like racing and competition? Here you can, just like on the classic Gran Fondo, cross the route for pure fun and have a lot of fun out of it. Why pay for something that is normally free. For a good cycling atmosphere, souvenirs, buffets and route preparation. Do you know that the organizers before the race hours fly with a brush and prepare the route?


Fatigue, or never again ... except for a year


tatra road race


Because Tatra Road Race is a race where you can go to zero. It does not matter if you dropped the peloton and you just want to get to the pasta, or do you fight to the last meters by your 23rd position. At the finish line, a cold, non-alcoholic beer is waiting (you can say that it is lime-free, but everyone already has enough percentages) and you do not dream about anything else.


Competition office


tatra road race


The competition office is a place where everyone gathers and tells why they went worse than they planned and why they are disappointed with their attitude. Hence the name - the OFFICE office (suchar). The office is not a particularly complicated thing - you come, take a package, go out. Moderate train, but it goes quickly. Everything is under the roof, so we do not get wet. There is no problem with picking up someone's package, but you must provide his date of birth. This is an important point that you must remember if you receive your girlfriend's package. One phone with a question hi, when were you born? it can destroy a beautiful and romantic weekend in the mountains. Also, if you pretend to be an adult in front of your boyfriend, it is worth taking the numbers separately.


One more hill


tatra road race


- Look, Krystian, what a hill! Did not you think to go there?
- We're going there.

It's a dialogue from a car that illustrates well where the loops were run. Often at races you see a side road somewhere and you think that tomorrow you will have to come back here to check it out. There is no problem on TTR. If you see a driveway, wall or anything else that hurts somewhere in the neighborhood, you will be going in 99% way.


Route profile, i.e. this sticker is very high


tatra road race


Look what a shit - the route profile that organizers sometimes join packages. Here is self-adhesive - details that make the difference. In this way, we also learn why the aero steering wheels were created. To get to the bridge, and then it's uphill. On the profile, in moments of weakness, we can also look for flattening, on which we will regenerate. We will not find him.




tatra road race


Last but not the last - prizes. Not to lie: the decorations last for half an hour and each of them consists of giving away prizes, which are usually the summit of dreams at any other event. Because age categories, because gender, because general, because the mountain bonus is such, because the prize, rewarding a million people who persevered to the end. What's great, open prizes are the same for ladies and gentlemen.

Then, a little to the frustration of frustration, that all the statuettes are picked up by several of the same people, the best moment of the season follows: the draw. You can win everything from a romantic weekend in the mountains to a stool made of Italians that will lead your dog to neurosis. Someone wins even a new bike - Trek.

We do not get anything - in return, the first thing after returning to Warsaw is a visit to the doctor and L4 receipts and a visit to the pharmacy, where we leave a happy ~ 200 PLN. And it was worth it!