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Road Dolomites: 0% adventures

About how the Dolomites in the road version failed us a lot and how a moment later they surprised us perfectly ... although it is possible that they failed because they surprised us. Something like this.

Cyclist in Milan and the surrounding area

Weekend in Milan and Genoa. Since the flights to Liguria are cheaper than cinema tickets, this place has become attractive for short trips. A few words about what I recommend after the first week of stay. It is true that without a bicycle, but on foot you can also get tired.

Alpine Classics: Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo

Just one day after returning from a rather unplanned Weide Ride visit in the Giant Mountains and a week after a visit to Jesieniki and the Beskids, on the Sunday round covered a thousand and the first time, the question was asked: "Maybe you want to jump with us into the Alps?" - or make the best of cycling for 5 days off to be able to talk about them in the winter.