Before we start any conversation about a Canyon Inflite CF SLX bike, I have a rebus for you. Rebus should be resolved and the answer should be acknowledged. So, kindly, please answer the question:

Image illegally stolen and even more illegally edited - Marek Raczkowski. I'm sorry, but it fits perfectly.


Welcome to the new cycle: 500 1000 1500 2000 2001 words about. It turns out that no one likes long entries, so in technical matters I will be squeezed (he, he, he). The first entry throws a log under my feet, because Canyon Inflite CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race has such a long name, that as I mention it twice (and I have to index it in Googlach) is one thirtieth of the text I have already (it was the assumption for 500 - it did not work out as usual).



Describing a bike that has been at your own request (holiday trip) is difficult - it's hard to be objective. Especially when you're on this bike in a beautiful corner of the world. However, I will do what I can. I also asked a few skeptics' friends about cycling and giving negative opinions. I had to take the bike away with their strength. A few others asked where they came from. Normally, I would say: steal, but I have not seen Pro Race 9.0 live on anyone.

This bike was created for racing, for competitors. In the context of our market, it's even fun. Why? Let's take a look at what cross-country racers are racing in, then let's see how many of them there are, let's take away those who the club or sponsor joins the bike (and obviously will not add to Canyon) and look at the price: PLN 18 199. We already know that the target group targeted by the most expensive Canyon Inflite is ... 2 people max. It's good that bikes are bought by people from outside the target group!


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All photos in the entry (in addition to the dirty bicycle) were made by: Piotr Olkowski and invite everyone to follow Instagram of Piotr.



A bike would be expensive if I care about money.

Michał W.

At a similar price, we have, for example Treka Boone 7 Disc (and now a funny thing, because the link has expired, as it was for the 2017 model, a on 2018 it costs already 19990 and weighs the same), which after the season will definitely get somewhere cheaper somewhere. A similar gear, a slightly heavier bike, also looks nice, but after all, with Inflite, the untrained eye described here, will think that Trek is 3x cheaper. It looks just poorer (it means like an ordinary bike), and Inflite looks like a bike for Collin McRae, who is secretly Batman at night. Or for Chev Chelios. The equivalent of a decent, used car, should be paid by pulling cash out of the wallet with the Bad Motherfucker inscription.

Canyon Inflite is designed for racing. You can feel it after the first rotation with a crank in the field and you can see it when we look at it, placed in a bathtub. Passing a man on such a machine, the first thought of 86% of society is:


canyon inflite


In short: Canyon Inflite is expensive and will be bought by us probably 2 amateur players and people who want to look good.




Appearance of a taste thing. Times when Canyons liked each other to the same extent. The award-winning design, for a beautiful combination of black with black or gray with gray, has a little patched. I say this as the owner of a black and black bicycle (but probably because it is also German). Well, not really, because we can still buy it in black and black painting. In my opinion, however, black and yellow Canyon Inflite is one of the prettiest bikes that exist, but I understand if someone does not like it (because it is strange and does not like yellow).


Black and yellow. Very nice.

Sylwia O.


It owes a bit of painting and folded colors to each element, thanks to which it looks like every part was created just for him (I am waiting for black brake discs). A little genius-looking wheels, a bit of a genius cockpit, and a bit of interesting geometry. Geometry, which thanks to the extended seatpost looks like the one in Rondo ... ekhm, I have to write out that Rondo looks like Canyon, because I went on holiday with him and not with Rondo ;-) Apparently thanks to this (and raised upper pipe , in conjunction with which they form such a hump), it is more convenient to carry it on the shoulder.


A fast bike is the best bike ... right after the one that looks good

Maciej H.


It's hard to say how much it looks like, and to what extent the fact that we are probably the only road cyclists in a radius of thousands of kilometers, but everyone on the bike stopped at Sao Miguel. The answer comes in Warsaw, where the bike still attracts everyone's attention. Even in the pictures.


canyon inflite


With additional things that attract attention at a glance: the upper tube is longer than usual, the bridge is shorter. Apparently it is more stable due to this. And the big cassette at the back (40) - of course, by the standards of a man used to the road.

In short: it is probably the most beautiful cross-cut on the market, at least from those produced in large amount.




Sram Force CX1 with Quarq carbon crank (damn, but he also fits here well) works flawlessly. You click, it changes. Gear ratios (40 and 11-36) are enough for a comfortable ride quite slowly and quite efficiently (on an asphalt scale). Thanks to the chain guide (I have no idea how to translate it), it has not fallen to us once while driving. But every time during transport, which generated some problems with re-installation. The problem is that Sram is still Sram, and despite what his supporters believe, for me the whole system works as if it was invented only because all other solutions were already patented.


If I wanted to win, I would buy it. But I do not want

Krzysztof S.


Because how to like the solution, in which you unknowingly drive on the largest gear, the hill becomes even steeper and you want to throw a bigger gear and something is not playing here. You feel then that you will either press the handle so hard that it will shoot unpleasantly or drop it on the lower one. Well, as the driveway changes into a descent and you have to quickly click 10 times. In Camp it would be 2 clicks. Well, this situation, if you want to throw it down, you raise the wajha, enter the root and accidentally throw up.


canyon inflite


As the ugly proverb says: every monster will find its amateur and I know there are people who like it.


In short: Srama do not like, but it works very well. Brakes are a pattern.




"It has one of the lightest and most comfortable high-performance frames in this category." - that's what Canyon says. Well, I would not like to know the least comfortable he, he, he ;-)

Of key importance seems to be the connection between comfortable and competitive words. It's as if Robert Kubica said that the Renault RS16 is much more comfortable than the Renault R31 (it's F1 cars). For our needs, we can focus more on the sentence "the murderous challenge of a 60-minute racing in the mud". Because the Stiff Pal of Asia is a soft façade at Canyon.


Write that it is the best bike.

Piotr O. (about 13 times)


A massive, integrated cockpit (which is actually one of the most convenient ones we've had the opportunity to test, it's also beautiful, but its large surface looks at us all the time and laughs.) He speaks directly in the face I am not aero for you to drive 20km / h, a but you are weak. You would like to say something about sand, roots, turns and everything, but you do not have much strength and you are a bit ashamed. You can assume that:


Riding on this bike is like arranging with Rocco Siffredi's ex-girlfriend. 

Author of the editorial office


Not everyone can live with it, but if you manage, you are a guest. In the worst case, you dress nicely, drive slowly and elegantly saying that today you have a crossover. And so every time. Hejterzy letj hate, you know well that they envy you.


In short: it is rigid and fast .... but even if it's fast, it's too slow.



What have we spoiled, what we have not overcome?


It's probably the favorite part of everyone. Recently, we got a new Canyon when I took pictures I dropped the camera on the upper tube and left a beautiful hole on the frame. Now, again, the machines came as nins, straight from Germany, especially for us, for a month. It could not end well.


canyon inflite


I catch the first rubber somewhere around 20 kilometers. I pull out the inner tube, and there's the Schwalbe Extalight. I swore under my breath, because I knew it was a matter of time before the rest died. I pointed out to KROSS one daythat they put a lot of light tubes in the bike and almost died (good, exaggerating) - to be consistent, I pay attention to it here. Especially, that in the first two days, we catch the slippers 3. After changing the inner tubes to the multi-kilogram from Decathlon, we go without a problem. If we are already on the topic of the wheels: some time passes to identify the problem of a bouncing bike. Wheels intended for the tubeless (which in my opinion makes sense in race themes) do not put the tire in the best position. The problem is solved only by punching a few bars more than recommended to level off. Only if you are in the field or on vacation and you have only a small pump in your hand is a chapel. The effect is as if you were sitting on a washing machine. Plus, the tires are very easy to put on and take off, even with your hand.

The tubes are so shaded that even the ventilators are short and come standard with screw-in extensions.

Until today, I do not know how to remove the knobs for rigid axes. It is certainly easy, but I did not get it. We keep both knobs in one bike, the second we use an allen key.


In the aluminum Inflite, one KOM was 1800km, including 108km.

Piotr O.


The varnish, despite being very nice, stays well. A few trips, carrying in the trunk, leaning on not very suitable surfaces, some dump trucks and so on, and a tiny trace (more wipe than a scratch or loss) remained in total only on one machine, on the front fork (Panda apologizes).

Even the Quarq Prime Carbon crank remains without a trace, even though it normally wipes off the handle in my shoe.


The forest is beautiful, but it has roots


canyon inflite

In muddy and field conditions, the front blocks disappear in a few days. The original ones are expensive, and we are the bulbs, so we put in some substitutes. The bike stops so beautifully. Unfortunately, expensive bicycles mean high maintenance costs.

A great, ergonomic cockpit also has a disadvantage. We notice it first after losing the pad under the bridge (where will I get it now ?!), then when trying to mount Garmin. Taking the steering wheel with rubber bands is not trivial, and you can forget about installing a standard, stiff grip.

The first thing to change, for good morning, basically, are tires. Not that factories are bad - just the opposite. They ride well, they keep well, everything is cool in them, except width. The width of 33mm is justified only in the case when we start in competitions (in which someone checks it) - regulations. In life, the difference between 33mm and 35mm is huge. Contrary to what you might think, it's like a difference between 23 and 28mm on the road.

It's nice that Canyon Inflite has two mounts for baskets with a water bottle - this is not often the case, especially in bikes for riders. It is a pity that the standard comes with imitation screws. I know it's a shit, but how do I get four screws to mount the baskets? And why do I have to think about it at all?


In a nutshell: First, you take the slippers, then you will not be able to remove the wheels, and when you take out, change the tire.


Rabat, the capital of Morocco


Let's now go to the biggest drawback ... or the advantages.

Frameset itself (ie frame, fork, seatpost, cockpit, rudders and saddle clamp) - although only black and yellow - we can buy for PLN 8999. What a price is moderately cheap, but of course it is not worth it. It's better to take the whole thing and put it apart because:


canyon inflite


For PLN 12,700, we can buy Canyon Inflite CF SLX 8.0 Pro Race, which weighs 8.2 instead of 7.7 kg, and differs in that it has different wheels, but painting is the same. You know, 5500 zlotys do not walk, and you can still look just as good. Nobody likes how others pay less and look similar. Everyone likes to pay less and look similar.


I would exchange my road for him ... and transfer.

Piotr O.


Well, in the middle, for 14499 comes Canyon Inflite CF SLX 9.0 but not Pro Race. It turns out that the classic 11s ultegra is not a pro. As the only one it is in aero-silver, ie gray-black. I have not seen it live, but it looks good in the pictures. Given that the black and yellow in the pictures look good, and in fact super good, it also promises.



Canyon Inflite - buy?


I had a dialogue with me. I think it will be valid for many of you:



Is this a bike for me? Definitely not…. but it's nice and I like nice things.

Would I like it? Very, to the point that I will be watching when the medals go on sale.

Does it make sense? No.

Does it bother me? Not at all.





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