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Bicycle helmet: how to buy and not look like a mushroom?

Anyone who thinks a bit more seriously about riding a bicycle needs a helmet. Should it be obligatory for everyone? Is it necessary to put it on a trip to Lidl located 3 streets further? I do not want to express myself on these topics. I assume that anyone who reads this blog, sooner or later, the helmet will buy or exchange and then will go to this post.

I was motivated by the Limar company to write the text, which sent some tests. I've grown up blogging from the lyrics "Is Helmet Limar the best in the world and why do I think so (because he was free)?". I will use examples of this company's helmets to present a few points worth paying attention to. The effects are interesting for me, because so far, many models (helmets) have been hosted on our heads and we found the optimal one for ourselves. Are Limary better than my irreplaceable Giro Synthe and Ranking, which Panda uses - you'll probably see in the future in the pictures.




How to choose a helmet in 3 steps:



 1. Price

Not everything that looks like a helmet is a helmet

We start as usual with the same process as for any bicycle purchase. Think about your budget. The cheapest sensible helmets start at around PLN 100, the decent platform opens as usual with Decathlon with its Aerofit 900 for PLN 200, the top ones usually cost around PLN 1000 and more. Then increase it by 15% and assume that you will not be persuaded to be more expensive. Surely you will not give. Because the trick "you pay 50 PLN and get a little better" works always, forever.

The most important note of this entry: In a big simplification - more expensive helmet does not protect your head better. There are of course exceptions like MIPS system in Giro, which we have to trust people from laboratories, but generally the price of the helmet affects its appearance, airiness, company, aero properties, etc. Each helmet bought on the European market from a company that is not a bush, he will protect his head well.

Unless you are planning to buy an original from your friends on aliexpress, because you want to wear a helmet, which is a waste of money to your colleagues, who generally do not care what helmet you drive. A friend's (travel) helm may work and may not work. If someone says that he had an accident in such helmet and it worked well, it's only worse for you. He reduced the pool of those who were acting. If this does not convince you and you still need an Oakley or POC helmet, but 4 times cheaper, go ahead. Your brain probably does not deserve protection.



 2. Convenience.

Buying a helmet is contrary to appearances very simple and difficult at the same time. The second point is the easiest one, because it's like buying shoes. You enter the shop, try on it and you already know. If the helmet is on the head, but you are not sure - it probably is not the only one.


bicycle helmet

With this photo I wanted to show that my elevator looks like Mr. Durczok's table A good helmet has many uses.


This one, the only one easy to get to know. You put it on your head and make you feel at home. You feel like you are in a base that you made of bedding in your youth. How would you put your head in the toilet of Straciatella ice cream. How would you find yourself between the breasts of Pamela Anderson from the 80's. You are in this helmet and you say you do not leave it anymore. For reasons unknown to anyone, it is much easier to achieve this state in expensive helmets than cheap ones.


bicycle helmet
bicycle helmet

How much I would not produce, Limar SpeedKing in size 56cm-61cm (L), does not fall on my head.


When it comes to size, I take the smallest one I can, which, after maximum magnification, still leaves some slack when there is a winter cycling cap on my head. The helmet size markings are generally completely away from the cap. Sometimes XS is good for me, sometimes L, even when I suggest a centimeter measure, it can be different. The helmet is like shoes - sometimes you hit, sometimes not.



 3. Appearance

Let's arrange, even if you buy a helmet for a few hundred, but you are not convinced of its appearance - inserting it will not bring joy. It increases the chance that you will stop putting it on. The helmet goes always to buy with a wife / girlfriend / boyfriend / prospective partner or partner, etc. If you live in a basement and only shoot on Zwiftt or have not completed your IT studies yet, go with your mother.


I have seen many things in my life - people with helmets on the back of the head, with helmets facing backwards, children with helmets obscuring the field of vision ... Instead of taking a picture and throwing it online, help these people. Drive over and pay attention kindly. Tell them it does not make sense.


You need a person who is good, but reasonably lying. If you do not belong to this small group with a perfect oval head (like my friend 95% of the helmet will look worse than without (and better than in the cycling cap itself). So you have to find one where you look at least average.


bicycle helmet
bicycle helmet

On the left Ranking, on the right Limar. I do not know if anyone pays attention to this when buying, but look at the position of the fastening mechanism. Why would someone do it so low and how to reconcile with the braid ?!


It is very easy. You put on your helmet and go to the mirror. If you did not scare yourself or laugh, it's half the battle. The second half occurs when you show yourself to your partner and also neither get scared nor laugh. Here we have to be careful, dialogue is natural, which goes something like this:


bicycle helmet

What will you answer to your girlfriend when she asks you: how I look



 - How do I look?
 - Very nice, hhihihihihihihihi
 - Will you ride with me?
 - NO.




And this is the end. Buying a helmet is about taking it easy and nice. A bit like a car - the rest is a luxury for picky people.




part for advanced / hijacked marketing



Let's assume, however, that we want to approach the topic professionally. What to pay attention to and what are the differences between cool and non-cool helmets? Let's look:



Instructions for the darkroom.


Put a hat on your head and then:

place two large, chopped apples under it - this is a heavy helmet
place a small apple under it - it is an uncomfortable helmet
replace the cap for winter, woolen - this is an unprotective helmet
make sure it is July, and you have a hat with a tassel in the reindeer - this is a bad-designed helmet
make sure that the hat has a broken hole - it is a helmet without spare parts

and sit in the office for a few hours.


For me, a helmet for classic use must meet 4 criteria: be comfortable (subjective), be light, be airy, have space for goggles.


bicycle helmet




How much does it give you 100 grams in a bike? Well not much. 100 grams of wheels? Not many, although there are those who will say that it is already very well felt. How much will you lose 100g from the helmet? A LOT.

Will it make you faster? I do not know. However, the comfort change is indescribable, especially for longer rides. Does it hurt you neck? Go for bikefitting and change your helmet to a lighter one. Changing the helmet to a lighter one is pleasant, but not drastic. It is drastic to try to return to the old, heavier helmet.


bicycle helmet

bicycle helmet

Limar Ultralight + is the lightest helmet in the world. Is the fact that the size-adjusting mechanism is already spoiling on my third use (he's starting to drop himself)? Probably so.




A short ball - we have been hot in Poland for half a year. I tried to drive longer than 3 hours in the helmet Limar 007 - a pleasure from this small. It is not that if the helmet has few air inlets, the head is not automatically ventilated. People sit in laboratories and combine how to set air tunnels accordingly. The problem is that aerodynamic racing helmets are designed for fast driving. If you drive slowly or stop, your head will roar.

Anyway, if you have one helmet, you plan to stay in warm places, and your workouts are not 1-2 hour tubes, take a breath.




If I focused on the triathlon, would I only have a time helmet? Looking at the point above, probably not. Road helmet and MTB are the most versatile helmets - how do they differ?

MTB is a bit more built-up, because in the area there are sticks, branches, stones, etc., and thus, it will be slightly less airy. The second, much more important difference is that the MTB helmet has a visor (or the possibility of mounting a visor) and some colleagues from the road will laugh at you.


Helmet is useful in any life situation - even at home, when it turns out that the wall is closer than usual ... true story.





As the manufacturer says that the helmet subtracts the seconds, it means that it subtracts. I do not have to check it out - after all, a guy who wants to sell us something would not lie. Under one producer: the more expensive it is, the more it will save - otherwise they would not pay off. It is worth noting that ordinary helmets also differ in their aerodynamics.
bicycle helmet


Spare parts


About seven seconds after the quick replacement for Limara 007 came to me, I lost the screws that hold it. Parts are lost and spoiled. Sponges in a helmet after two seasons look like a pillow, on which your friend slept on New Year's night. You can put your head on her, but it is not particularly pleasant. Sponges in the helmet are the minimum that should be available to buy.




Last but not least. Everyone likes to take off their glasses while driving. The helmet, which does not have the possibility to put glasses on it, automatically falls out for me. Unfortunately, unfortunately, he got banned in Spain B'Twin Aerofit 900, which in its price range would be a 100-percent winner. Thus, helmets built up quite well for me, even if I lived in cold countries.


bicycle helmet

Giro Synthe, a helmet created for putting on goggles.



Here the theme of goggles returns again. If you have one that you like - go measure your helmet with them. There is nothing worse when driving (well, it is probably) than wearing helmet covers. Or some too big or too small clearance between them. If you assume that if you have everything of the same company as the helmet and there are no problems - talk to the owners of older POC models (I do not know how it is with the current ones):>




The belts from the helmet must be under the goggles, this is the age-old principle of cycling. I suspect that it came from hatred for triathletes, who usually do the opposite - it's easier to take off your helmet then.

... unless you are so uncomfortable or have any other reason to wear the opposite. Then you can piss on the cycling purists ... with a water bottle and sweat this rule.


bicycle helmet

The best invention of the world - a helmet with a built-in light signaling device.


The most important thing, however, after buying a helmet, is the appropriate setting of the straps. They must be at the same time comfortable and tight enough to prevent the buttoned helmet from slipping forward or backward. It's good if they are not screwed anywhere.

A well-adjusted belt will always look the same on your head, which will reward you with perfectly tanned lines on your face. It will be difficult to explain where these stripes appeared in L4.

What to do with the rest of the straps, which freely dangle over the Gassas, destroying all aesthetic values? Cut off or if we think that one day our head will grow - stick with black tape to dangle it.





To top it all, there are other things in helmets that can easily outweigh the purchase of one model. It's like with cars, for six months you compare the quality of engines between companies, models, yearbooks and others, and then you buy Superba, because it has such a colorful belt that shines next to the passenger.


bicycle helmet
bicycle helmet
bicycle helmet
bicycle helmet


For example, a magnet for fastening an older Lazio Helium (and I have just discovered that in one of the Limits too). I think if I was a salesman, I would use this as a final argument: "Paaaanie, it's all wrong, here is a magnet that opens and closes with one hand!".

Rear mounted lamp? Cool, although I do not know why (good, since I have a time-trial, to which I can not fault anything, I start to guess).

Integrated fast? For time trials - great. With a lot of aero positions and goggles, I see most of the world above them.




Either you like her or not. When you feel that something has fallen into your helmet, you pray that it would be a fly, not a wasp, and start to consider buying a helmet with a net. Similarly, in moments when you see that in the pictures some of the hair comes out through the holes in the helmet. The situation changes dramatically as soon as it catches your head and you find that you can not scratch the grid with the solution ... and I guarantee you that it will suck up as soon as you put on your helmet. Same with built-in helmets.

An interesting, but probably a bit prehistoric invention is a plastic helmet cover that improves aerodynamic properties and protects us from rain ... changing it in return for a non-breathable pot - just like in the Lazer Helium presented in the pictures.


Are people riding in built-up helmets ever itching their heads?


bicycle helmet



Replacement helmet

There is no talking about it, but most manufacturers recommend replacing the helmet every now and then, usually 3-5 years. The effects of external factors cause that the foam from which the helmet is made may lose some properties.




Now go and spend your money to discover that the only thing that looks good on the head is the expensive helmets ...


About the Author:
Every day I work in IT: I restart servers, I click on things and I ask if it has already been repaired. I spend my free time with friends on cycling. We visit the best parties, overcome the most spectacular routes, we ride in the toughest races. Blog allows me to develop my passion and describe the best of adventures, so that you do not have to repeat our mistakes. I am trying to stick to the unpopular rule that quality counts not quantity.