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We kill ourselves - a sad but serious text


Last year, 2,831 people died on Polish roads, and 3,466 people were injured in accidents. It is as if we predicted that this year, more or less every other day, a resident of Warsaw will die. I'll explain it a little more: do you play Totolotka?



The chance to hit tomorrow the "six" in the ticket is ~ 1000 times smaller than death on the Polish road in the next year *


* (according to my calculations, and I've been doing mathematical analysis for 5 years)


Thousand. And yet, there is still some time left. The statistical chance that you will die tomorrow exactly is about three times greater.




It's all numbers. I do not know how much it is a thousand times more. Nobody knows big numbers. We only know that it's a lot. How much is the $ 112 billion of Jeff Bezos' assets? It is not known a lot. But all these distant things, unimaginable numbers, a parallel world - not ours. It's people who die in accidents, not us.

The matter changes completely when the car fatally hits someone we know, who we rode with whom we saw. Someone who appeared on our "story". If the accident happens in a place where we often appear ourselves. Our oasis of peace and relaxation is desecrated. A place where we rest after the hardships of the entire corporate day. A few seconds, so much carelessness is enough to delete someone completely - delete without backup. Because the phone rang just because the address was in the navigation, because from the side, there was an interesting cow in the field, because we showed the friend how to speed up the new cart. It is said that people kill out of foolishness, inattention, bravado. They kill people, not "us". After all, we drive safely, prudently, others are stupid. Truth? We all say that people drive like crazy people. People are the worst.


This year, the riders we knew were killed on our roads. They also died in places where we go, where we feel "at home". On the famous training route near Ożarow - the leading group in the overtaking group - death. At Żerań, in a place we always said it was a matter of time - hitting from the back - death. At Roztoka - clash with the group and escape from the scene - death. At Nowy Dwor - a leader with a peloton - a helicopter. You can multiply it. You can also add unhappy accidents like: 17-year-old, who unfortunately came down from the curb on Poniatowski and fell for the car - death. This effectively transfers the perception of "them" to "us". According to statistics, the collision of a cyclist with a car traveling above 50km / h usually ends tragically. We only have to trust that none of the drivers we pass on a day will make a stupid mistake. He will not lose his attention to this one key moment when we are next to him. This is a big degree of trust towards strangers.


I will tell you a secret: sticking a sticker "1.5m for a cyclist" on the bumper will not help. It works the same way as when I go through the city behind a car with the inscription "motorcyclists are everywhere", and three seconds later a visitor on Hayabus passes by me speeding twice as fast. Because I'm sorry for that word, but people around the city are fucking away. Why? Because they can. Strikes, protests and demonstrations will also not help, because they are aimed at "do not kill", and yet nobody kills intentionally - no one feels the recipient of such a strike.


What is currently being done on mass cycling campaigns is clearly associated with illegal nighttime car races ... only during the day.


That people are stupid and irresponsible is one thing. Imagine the average, statistical inhabitant of our country. Now consider that if it is average, statistically half of the population will be more stupid. Horrible, right? This can be seen under any internet discussion: on road rules, on bicycles, about anything. However, we will do nothing about it. A more serious problem lies somewhere else.



There is widespread consent to breaking the law.



A classic example: you see a visitor flying sideways at the roundabout in the city center - you hear the youth from the side: "but zajeeebiiistee." You see a guy rushing 160km / h through the city - you'll hear that "they have your balls. Respect". Are you going to be hurt? You are stiff, you can not play. "Are you reporting" to a guy who flew across the lanes between pedestrians 100km / h with an expensive car? You are a cable, a UBK, a SSman, and your old feathers in the river. You were talking because you were jealous that someone had a faster car. Because you can not play. Because you're a bore. After all, the scene "I like to fuck up" from the movie Job, she made everyone laugh. People even buy clothes with such inscriptions.


For unknown reasons, I decided that this picture fits here


I will not ride Wisłostrada 80km / h, because they are ramming me. When I go S8 from Lodz 120 km / h, I will die, run over by sales representatives. When I stop in front of the green arrow at an empty pedestrian crossing, someone will get in the backside of me. I will not fire up to 50km / h in the village, because this restriction is pointless - there are no buildings here. And the other way. I will not go through the belts with my bike, because this provision does not make sense. I will not go along the path because: it is too slow, too much from the ankle, too crowded, too much around, too senseless. The bike always has priority - the pedestrians will wait - after all no one will fall down on a bicycle path to let the pedestrians pass at the crossing.

We, participants of Rondo Babka and a thousand other acts. We riders whose mortal regulations do not apply. We, ultra cyclists who fight to sleep during 30 hour races on public roads.


Is it that you skip the path, because you are doing a training and you have to go fast, is a better explanation than that someone is in a hurry to get to the kindergarten?


The rules are chosen, the responsibility is blurred. If everyone breaks the rules, you too can.


And it is not like the election when it is said that one vote matters. One vote does not matter in the election. It's different in street traffic. One participant of the traffic traveling according to the regulations is important.



Try to get home after work today according to regulations. It does not matter if you are driving a car or a bicycle. That you will be a deadly driver, a liar, a Sunday driver? Does not matter. Do you really care about what other people will think of you? Those people who write things on the Internet, after which you have to drink a melody?

Well, let's report everything. Let us be confidants, undermine our neighbor, let's complain about strangers. Only this can save us. The recipe is simple:,Stop-agresji-drogowej.html


For a long time, most of us laughed at the web sheriffs and bicycle law activists. Today I am grateful to them for everything they do.


In brief:

You fix a beetroot on the road, send a movie, photo, whatever and if you live in Warsaw, send here:

Nice gentlemen, police officers invite the guest, if you admit this case is closed, if not - you get an invitation to tell how it was and the case goes to court.

If you do not live in Warsaw, you will have an e-mail on the websites of Provincial Police Headquarters.


And if you do not just record your whole life, just call the police. Remember the number, or catch the guest. Call and try. People respect others, especially if they react with aggression. But no one wants to waste time translating to the police. Only such reporting can discourage them in the future.


Once I even wrote about all of this - we do not respect each other and that's where 90% of problems come from:

Cyclist x Driver x Biker



This is probably the shortest entry for a long time on the blog ... or maybe always. I promised myself that I will not write such things anymore, that I will focus on tourism and interesting things. It seems to me that recently riders are coming in record time and this is causing more and more aggression in drivers. Just as for a long time I was sure that it is getting better, now it seems to be getting worse. I have not gone to the road for 3 weeks, because I feel nervous. I'm tired of people already.


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