A cycling blogger is lying!

I have a friend who answers every question: it depends. This is probably the most honest and honest and at the same time unhelpful answer that you can give today. Because there are no simple questions and answers, everything depends on something.



the entry applies to customers who are able to independently perform the first filtration of the equipment and limit to a number of interesting models. If you use the advice on freshmen, you can hurt them.



"Good morning, does my Garmin have a map of Portugal?"


I often get questions on the blog about various things: what bike to choose, what trainer, what kind of clothes. I used to answer every such question with a small essay about what the options are, what I would suggest, what suggests and what should be done. Conversation often looked like this, asking questions, returning to 5 minutes of reading and neither thanking you nor sleeping. I felt like someone robbed me of 15 minutes of life. It hurts me when people ask questions that Google responds to with the first result or ask on Facebook groups about things that were asked 15 times in a given month. No one respects the time of others anymore.

I do not do it today. And this is not because people usually can not (or rather do not want to) ask sensible questions. After all, asking about anything, it would be appropriate to outline the specificity of the problem, describe the situation, present some own ideas ... but no, that's not it. The point is that such an answer is not the answer that is expected and, although it looks professional, it is not effective. Today I'm lying ... or maybe more accurately - I'm not telling the whole truth.



Seemingly unrelated to the topic of anecdotes


At the outset, I would like to quote two short stories.


Anecdote first.

The beginning of the current century, for the first time in my life I am present in the shop, when I buy my bicycle. The budget in the area of ​​PLN 800 does not give great hopes, but it does not bother me. I have a navy blue Grand - a full suspension, a big cupid in the front, 3 × 7 gears, with 20 kilograms of live weight. Simply lifting it to remove it from the exhibition is a real challenge. The seller strongly advised against this model, at a similar price there was an ordinary highlander, on some sensible Shimano and at least a 2 times lighter eye. I do not know if I can count how many times the salesman mentioned that it was a bad choice and I would be dissatisfied. Even when leaving the store I heard that I would regret it and I saw his sour face. I never came back to the store with my own free will. Not because the bike was bad, I liked him very much - it was about the seller, which insulted MY bike.


To make the entry credible, I put a photo with my second (first in my life bought for my own, earned) highlander ;-)

To make the entry credible, I put a photo with my second (first in my life bought for my own, earned) highlander ;-)



Second Anecdote.

Winter 2016 '. For the first time in our life, we go to car dealerships to choose a new car. The process of buying a new car is nothing like what I've imagined my whole life. Retailer retailers are in absolute respect, not enough - if you come in a tracksuit like me, they pretend that they can not see you at all. Mile buy me apples in a tent under the house, because there you at least want to sell them and that I would return to him once. As #Sheebeads, we're practically determined to Skoda, although if a salesman of another brand showed a bit of desire, we would probably change our mind. In salons we want to know only one: poor Superb or rich Octavia.


and one more photo with this bike

and one more photo with this bike


Deep down, we know Superba, but I am looking desperately for confirmation. I specify the seller what I expect from the car and I ask which one he would recommend. There is no answer that would give me peace for a few years, and sellers would give a buyer on the Superba in the style of: You take a bigger bike, it's easier to pack, you can put the can on the road, and the duperki on the road will jump by themselves, because it's the most convenient for you. There is also no answer, which was not expected, but after which I would be happy and went with Octavia: Ladies, these dozens of liters in the trunk are no longer necessary, and the comfort thanks to X and Y, which you can buy for the price differences, can not be overestimated on long returns from weekend trips. As an answer I hear: Well, Paan, it depends. Here is the place, there... and the comparative verb starts.

Where are the sellers who sell? Where are those you want? What is the right wonder then that people buy on the internet? In the depths of my soul, I want the seller with 100% confidence that my choice is right and that I need something. Even if it is not true. That consumerism that buying unnecessary things would you say? Maybe, but if the customer comes out with an unnecessary thing from the store and is happy, that's what it's all about. That is why money is made to spend it later and be happy.



How is it for bicycles?

Very simple. People often write to me or Panda with questions. Let's take such a classic what clothes to buy for a bicycle? And I very much appreciate such a question, only the possible answers are one hundred million, and yet I have no comparison of all brands and all series. I can say what I use and what is ok, but I can not guarantee that there are no better and cheaper ones on the market. In addition, it depends what bike, how much we drive, how we drive, what budget, what style, colors, which we prefer inserts, cuts, etc. Not without reason, the majority of entries on this blog is so long that it is impossible to read them. To say that something is the best is very brave nowadays ... or not.



Once I would ask about these details and write a essay. Today I say straight: buy yourself the highest line Decathlonowychbecause I know they are good. Possibly analyzes the moments of the human profile on the wall and throw a Polish brand to support us.

Or someone asks for a bike, sending 3 models. Then we quickly try to sense which model the person really wants and says: Y will be the best. No unnecessary details, no subject to the topic, simply the best. Because despite appearances, most things do not differ much with each other. These differences are so small that the equipment wins thanks to the individual preferences of the buyer, which they will not know until they do not consume some of the equipment. It's like the first bike: I advise you to use it, to find out what you need, sell and buy the target. And there is nothing better than a stranger who comes and tells you: listen, take it, you will be satisfied. As for this, he throws an argument, however stupid, but personalized, it is full of happiness.



It all depends


I was looking for a watch last time, one with which you can swim and run (because you know, winter). I read every possible forum and every possible test, it took me a week. A few remained on the battlefield. With completely different functions, appearance, price and everything. Every topic I have met began with it dependsy. Of course it depends, because everyone wants something different. The problem is that you've never had any, you do not know what you want. I came across an anonymous man who said: take Fenix, the rest for plastic trash, which you must hide in the sleeve in a civilian. But not 3 or 5x because they are too big, just take 5. You will be satisfied. Daaamn, it was my master, my salesman, whom I would like to have in the store. One simple argument that rules everyone and makes other things irrelevant. Is it real? I do not know, but he has pasted a picture of some well-known civilian with Fenix. That is the product placement, then there are advertisements - to get this one, unique function hit the buyer.



That's why if a girl is writing to me and sends me a bike link, which is average (but she likes it) and gives me two other, slightly better ones, which the seller advised her, I say: technically a bit worsebut Take it, you will be satisfied. Because I feel in her eyes this search for confirmation. Accepting that her subconscious choice will be ok. I see how she tried to find the overwhelming arguments for him for weeks, but she did not make it. And she will be satisfied, things are bought to be enjoyed. Believe me, the fact that she took 105 in the price of Ultegra does not matter much. Unless he actually does not know, then I say: take that better and you will not regret it. But also without tozależeniaone simple and accurate shot. Information passed, hit, target sunk.

And do you know what is the most beautiful? When such people say after 3 months that they bought this equipment and that it is great.


Because I will tell you something honestly. Choosing any equipment from the middle or upper price range, it's really hard to make a mistake. In fact, not much equipment from a similar price shelf is different enough to be objectively possible: yes, it is definitely the best. People ride on Specach, Giantach, Merida, Colnagach (yes I know) and each company has customers satisfied and dissatisfied with the same model.



I have a dream that one day!

I have such small dreams, maybe wrong, but my own:

I would like the sellers to have their own opinion (even false).

I would like them to be able to sense what the man in the store dreams about (which is very simple) and say straight: I AM IT WAS.

I would like them to be sure of what they are saying and not to argue with the client's taste. That it would be a bit unethical to say? Every day I see how they push the beginners, who drive sporadically, wheels for 3,500 PLN for a tubular one. And it does not really matter, these people are happy that they drive on expensive and good wheels, but that means that the sellers like they can lie.

I would like them to have prepared this one, lethal argument in case the customer comes torn between the choice of 3 models. One for each of them to use the right cartridge in the right customer.

If you want stationary stores to survive, in my opinion this is the only way ....


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Every day I work in IT: I restart servers, I click on things and I ask if it has already been repaired. I spend my free time with friends on cycling. We visit the best parties, overcome the most spectacular routes, we ride in the toughest races. Blog allows me to develop my passion and describe the best of adventures, so that you do not have to repeat our mistakes. I am trying to stick to the unpopular rule that quality counts not quantity.