I have such a friend, his name is przemekzawada.com and sometimes I consider it a better version of the internet. One that doesn't always say "it depends," even if it does. To this day, I remember how he explained to me what it was like to go through the woods during a rally. It sounded like this, here I apologize in advance for the quote: “Maciek, it is impossible to imagine it. You ride and everything fucks you up ". Since then, I have noticed many situations in my life with this feeling. For example, when I tried to convince myself that gravel on singles can replace MTB. I have exactly the same feeling when, after months of absence from Warsaw, I enter the city from Blue City. The number of stimuli per second corresponds to approximately three months in Męcikała. Although it may not be difficult, considering that when living in the countryside, you enter a two-week visit on your list of important events. garbage cans. We are, of course, talking about the mixed one, because it's a paper one garbage can comes once a quarter. Apparently, because I never knew her before.

Whoever follows the blog knows that for two or three years he does not have to do it too meticulously. I would say that the frequency of the paper garbage can is sufficient. In the summer we emigrate to the countryside and the perception of the world is changing. Shopping generally loses sense then, because you don't need anything, and you don't have to change your clothes (unless a garbage truck or courier comes). Working equipment does not need to be improved, because it works. And if it does not work, it is always silvertejp and then "it will last a week". It's amazing how much water in the Brda passes from the time the sole in the shoe begins to peel off to the day it falls off. Actually, I don't know how many. There is no need to exercise too much, because you are still one of the "best" in the area. Is it a question of average age over 65? Maybe. There is no point in writing a blog ... or for what, I don't know.

I have to stop here, because despite strenuous attempts, I cannot find the topic for this post. Last year, I tried to sum up my stay of several months by writing Fr. Zaborski National Park - I even called it "episode I" and none came out. In this, I will no longer set out "the best cycle loop in the area". Well, for 3 months spent in Kłodzko Valley it was much easier. To this day, I do not know what to say to my friends coming to Męcikała. There are no things worth seeing here. I mean differently - they are there, but I cannot indicate specific or clearly answer what is coming here for. There are shelters, mountains, lakes, roads with views, the Czech Republic in Kotlin, mainly forest, no forest and no lakes. So the most frequently given counseling answer is "I don't know, take a ride in that direction".

Over time, we discovered such surprises as: walking football, boules tournament, reconstructions of fights and sieges, operettas, fire fighting tournaments, harvest festivals, international Kashubian rally, etc. It turns out that when you have infinitely fewer events than in Warsaw, they definitely become more interesting.

So here is a post without content, but with photos.

First point. Life in the countryside is fun. Recently, they even put up a few lanterns for us. It doesn't change the fact that if you work 9-17 you walk everywhere in the dark. This is almost true - we noticed a duty: most shops / eateries in the area (in the sense of 20 km) are roughly open 9-15 / 16, which means that if the work is demanding, you will go to the store on the weekend. Unless for chain stores, that's normal. In the urban vision of living in the countryside, it is forgotten that half the year it is dark.

Although, of course, the great darkness has some advantages. For example, things appear in the sky:

If you buy a lens long enough, such things even get interesting. With my 600mm purchased especially for visits to the forest, I can see from Męcikał who sits in my seat in my Warsaw office. I can also see the moon quite well. Unfortunately, the moon is interesting for the first 2 days, then it only differs in size and color, but this can be improved in Lightroom. Thanks to this, I do not have to go out in my pajamas to the garden, risking trampling on the frog.

I quickly discovered that you don't have to get up at all to look at the sky, just bend down on the loo.

As for my unimaginably long lens, I had beautiful plans for it. I imagined myself getting up in the morning and going in search of wild animals. However, it quickly turned out that in summer sunrise is too early to get up, and in autumn it is too cold to get out of bed. I decided to limit myself to birds, but here it also turned out that all the interesting birds are waiting for the moment when I leave the house without that particular camera. Unless we consider interesting birds as cormorants that have been everywhere for a month, herons that look like little-colored storks, woodpeckers (because I hear them first, then see them) and of course swallows that live under our roof all the time - literally. It seems to me that I can say what month it is, looking only at the size of the white pyramid that grows on the sidewalk under the nest.

As for the birds (he he he), we also have some successes. After much thought, we invested in an inflatable kayak from Decathlon: Itiwit X100 +. Whether it made sense - I do not know until today. If we counted on the return of the cost of renting, we would have to set out for 100 hours. So far, we have a dozen. The plus is that it folds into a backpack - if you add the time of the first folding, you could say that we have already used it for several dozen hours. It floats slightly slower than the plastic one, the obstacles are a bit harder to overcome and the stress is a bit more, but you can swim in and out, which of course we never did. Although we managed to make a loop, thanks to the possibility of moving it a bit on the asphalt: here's the Stravie proof. Returning, however, to the birds (he he he) - we saved one who was drowning. Would we be in this place at this time if we didn't have a kayak? Probably not, so from the point of view of this bird, our purchase made sense.

Here, too, attention to the kayak - it is hard to swim upstream, and the cycling form does not necessarily translate into rowing. It may turn out that poorly planning a trip has more serious consequences than poorly planning a ride ... although thanks to this we have unlocked a new one aiwment - swimming after dark. Unforgettable impressions.

But back to the animals. Maybe the big ones only appeared when I didn't have the camera at hand (which is not difficult when the camera is like a brick), but I quickly discovered that the lens was also great for small animals. But how long can you take photos in the backyard? And what's the point of posting another picture of a beetle on the Internet? The awareness that for every photo thrown at me there are 100,000 better photos showing the same, it doesn't seem to fit me well.

There is also one slightly larger animal hidden among the photos. If there is a rural cat capital in the world, it is Męcikał. Is it the fault of the neighbor who has 17 of them, and he also feeds them in the forest, which means that all the neighboring ones also come? Probably so. Glowing eyes that guide you in total darkness in the evenings are impressive. I hope to learn to distinguish them from the eyes of animals hunting me after dark before it's too late. Like a neighbor, who went with his dog into the forest, and came back without, because they met wolves ... apparently. According to the book "Stories about wolves and other animals" it is rather impossible. By the way, I highly recommend the book. Especially those who would like to eat less meat and are not able to convince themselves of it.

When it comes to larger animals, Racuch, despite strenuous attempts to teach him, still does not enter the water further than the "chassis". Even when we hire local dogs to teach him this. Having a dog in the countryside basically has the advantage that you get to know endless times as many people. It means that the population of Męcikała is not particularly large. I have an overwhelming impression that Racuch's return to the city can describe his rallies in exactly the same way as przemekzawada.com.

The first picture also shows quite well that the “don't mow” strategy was not the optimal one. Last year it was a flower meadow, this year it was supposed to be a lawn. By the way, if anyone knows what this plant is, it is tall and if I should remove it, please let me know ;-)

I have nothing to say about the dog. His only success for this season was to get wet above cracks in a lake or river. Maybe next year…

There won't be much about the bike in this post either. I blame it a bit on post-trauma winter visit. The one where I promised myself that this is the last season in which "it is no longer profitable to buy winter boots, I will buy it for the next season. November is coming, I still don't have shoes, somehow I will still survive this one ...

The problem with the bike here is that you go mainly through the forest, between lakes and sometimes you fall into the sand or on a grater. Well, unless you enter a famous storm, then no. It's better than it was a few years ago, but it still looks like scenery from Polish Mad Max or Fallout.

What I discovered this year is that the train goes not only to Tczew, and the wind does not always blow to the east. It allowed me to get to know Greater Poland a bit better, which turned out to be located two hours from Męcikała. Is it worth it? I will not answer this question, but think about how many people in your life have told you: “Greater Poland? Cool, come here by bike. Exclude the indigenous inhabitants of Wielkopolska from this circle in order to reduce the harvest by 97%. I already know such Piła or the Cross quite well.

What's different about running. Running here is a new, better world. With the complete absence of external stimuli and an area that allows you to get lost, after 15 minutes (because there are no reference points) I learned to use audiobooks. The best book to listen to in Bory Tucholskie? Of course Chatting about wolves and other animals - if you are not vegetarian, and you would like it very much, this is a good position. It was also something about Netflix, something about Bezos and other famous and wealthy people, but mostly to remind me that they didn't have time to plant in their backyard. Something for something.

That's it. It is a major success that someone visited us this year. If you think that it works like in the imagination: "oh, I have a house - friends will come to you" or "oh, a cottage in the country, nice - I will rest, such a quiet life, no worries", I have bad news for you.

The countryside is fun, but you have to dose it yourself. A man from the city, accustomed to Żabka under his breath, a street lamp at night, a parcel locker reachable from a shoe and all those annoying people on every corner, begins to miss it unexpectedly. The neighbor's green grass works anywhere and anytime (although here even literally).

Of the things that a man in the countryside discovers, first of all, you don't really have to buy many things. When you don't meet your friends in general, they turn out to be unnecessary. Not only that, you lose the sense of upgrading most of the equipment, because if it works, why not. My sticky shoes, for example, which were supposed to fall apart 2 years ago, continue to fall apart in exactly the same way. And somehow a person cuts himself off from everything that is happening in the world, and above all, social media becomes somehow attractive to me. Great thing that explains why nothing appears on the blog. Someday I will do about it coaching post ... probably when I create a profile "Maciej Coach" and organize camps "Find yourself in Męcikale".

Oh, walking your dog to completely random places has some advantages. Even if it's a forest and you don't expect anything in it:

And finally, an important message that I promised Racuch to put here: