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What was as average at Kielce Bike-Expo?

Let me use a parable to preface. You go to the cinema with your girlfriend - if you do not live in the basement - it's a normal situation. They play a cycling movie - it does not happen often, so the hopes should be huge. In the depths of your soul, you suspect, taught by experience, that it will be a good shit, but after all, pearls happen (e.g. Rising from Ashes). After 20 minutes you already know that no - it will not be a miracle again. You're not even disappointed, it's like a date with Tinder. People liked, congratulated, clapped, asked, collected autographs from the director, and you do not know if something is wrong with you, or maybe you just did not understand, or you are not the target. But you are a cyclist and you love everything that is cycling - HOW DO NOT YOU THIS WHO ?! There were a lot of friends in the room, because such opportunities are not allowed. After the screening, you talked, you ate free things, went home. It's a pity you got this hour lost for a movie, but it was fun, because you talked, you met people from the industry, so you do not know ... It's the same with Kielce Bike-Expo and probably every other fair in the country.


Spring we were on BikeExpo at the National - requests for address, so that lawyers could contact me for three months. Fairs in Kielce do not differ much. They are definitely bigger. The distributors are mainly distributing, not the stores, so it should be better. It is still practically impossible to buy anything, but the number of stands ensures occupancy for a little more time. Just what ...


She could go for a trade fair with the question: WHAT? I could complain about how much we did not see anything there. How surprised we were not new. How everything was similar. We did not meet almost anybody's friends, because on the same day there was the Polish Masters Mountain Championship and the women's Rapha. I could write that the fair was so much #ic that it was not there (or even seen) even Kross. About the fact that this Saturday's day is just an addition to the plebts and all the performers are already tired. The fact that to look at everyday equipment, you have to buy access to Kielce, a ticket for PLN 20 and a car park for PLN 15. That you can not count on seeing any bikes other than in standard stores, but I do not want to .... I do not want to, as the organizers of the Warsaw BikeExpo, called "kill Polish cycling, do anti-advertising and be an ordinary, online hater". It is actually too simple.


I decided to take something ambitious and write what was cool at the Fair. I did not make it. That is why the list before you:



10 15 17 20 things that were as such at Kielce Bike-Expo



 1. Foldable helmet



We are recently fans of folding bikes, so nothing caught our attention more than a folded city helmet. A bit heavy but comfortable. Apparently ugly, but it looks sensible in it. Saving space like a small, because the usual helmet can be stuffed with other things, but nevertheless in a purse or a backpack to fit it much easier. When it comes to security, it's like in entry about helmetsI would rather not worry about protecting worse than other, average helmet. Neighborhood 300-400 PLN is a bit much.



2. Wilier and Brompton



If I had to choose the most .... I do not know which, but certainly the bike of the fair, it would probably be Wilier in a special (only 1500E paid) painting. You can argue whether it's nice or ugly, but my personal weakness for the Wiliers (Cento Uno the best bike in the world!), Makes me say that it is cool. Only these circles are completely different from another fairy tale - Sheikh, it is not good to use them. I would see a glowing Campagnolo Bora Ultra with downloaded stickers.

Well, he was on an effectively hidden behind the wall of the stand with Bromptom ;-)



3. A dog in Orbe's shirt



Because he was a funny dog, he had a T-shirt, and everything was surrounded by Orbea's nice looking bikes. As they say: on bezrybiu even a male fish.



4. Fudge



The stands attract with sweets. If there is no news, then every way is good. This year, besides candies, fudges grew in popularity records. The first bite explains why - the name mordoklejka it did not come out of nowhere. You chew, a man speaks to you - you can not stop him. Repeated and thoroughly carried out by Panda, research has shown that the best fudges were at the GFNY stand. Is it a coincidence that the most expensive road race in the country has the best fudges? I do not think so…

People said they also gave free beer here and there. If we got one, we could say that we have a beer supply for half a year. But we did not get it, so I do not include it in a separate point.



5. Bus GreenVelo trailer



It looks inconspicuous and a little suspicious. The GreenVelo bus is something like the famous 7D cinema on the seaside promenade or Zakopane's Krupówki. I think so because I have never been. I respect the GreenVelo and I would like to cross this route one day. Bus is the promotion of a 2,000-kilometer long trail in the east of Poland, the longest in the country. The potential is huge, because the views are beautiful. I regret that we have not met a man who is responsible for what we have experienced during these few (maybe a dozen or so) minutes inside.

Seance it variation of this clip. The fact that the spot youtube is available in a maximum of 420p quality suggests a lot. The film begins, the seats in the trailer begin to move - good. The movement has nothing to do with the material displayed, but do not expect too much. He will do something from time to time pssssss and there is quite a disturbing fog in the trailer. Sometimes something will blow and swell in the face or feet. When we think that nothing will surprise us, sitting in front of us shoots water in our face. Then several more times. Then again something blows in us, and the seats keep moving. I will use the patent with the spanking of water in my corpo-meetings.

The experience is so abstract and it works so badly that we can not stop laughing. It's so incredibly bad that it's perfect. I will not forget this visit.



6. Romet's electric car



Because he looked extremely funny, although I do not know what he did at the bicycle fair. On the one hand, I would like to go shopping to Lidl, but on the other hand, considering how I would feel like traveling around the streets of Warsaw, I would rather say thank you. Even on a bike I would feel safer.

Now I think that I could dress up as Pat Postman and come to the desk at work, because I would probably be able to enter the elevator. Like Top Gear - it would be something.



7. Electra helmets



Because they were exceptionally ridiculous and well laid on their heads. Especially the one in blowpipes, in sharks and with techno-cat. Nice helmets for Kazu you need to promote.



8. Magazine of Szosa, Bike and probably some more.



Because you could come and talk about what you would like to know in magazines and what you would not like to see. Or what has already been seen and can not be dredged. You can also buy gadgets such as water bottles, hats, buffs and outstanding numbers. If any company gadget could be bought at every stand, the fair would be more beautiful.

It is a pity that the stand did not have a bikeBoard (or I did not find it), because you could ask what was driving them when they set the subscription price. Let me remind you: the magazine costs PLN 11.99 and the subscription is over PLN 204. I also respect the price of the magazine and the shipping costs on the website as "net" :-)



9. Harp-Harryson stand.



Because you could approach (if you were not a fearful sucker-pump) and put in the middle of the hawk's stand. I suspect that anyone who has ever tried to download a spare part to, for example, Maviców, wants to put it there. One could also observe when people from Harfa plan to go to the toilet and at the time close it with information: "I am sorry, we do not want to cooperate with this bathroom, so you can not use it. You know, we have to clean it up later, please use a different one. "



10. People's reactions to expensive things



Because if a man sees a crank for PLN 6299, he automatically wants to ask where the rest of the bike or even the rack. There were unfortunately not many disgusting expensive products. Like any technological news or anything that could surprise a person.



11. Test site



Because watching this is better than looking in an aquarium. A chaotic group of younger and older people who cycle around city, electric, mountain, road bikes, scooters and other inventions. The part on one wheel, the part overcomes bends with a screech, the part lies on the bend, and some can not brake the electrician. It's a bit like looking at a busy intersection of bicycle paths - it's not right to act if you appeared on it, you would have to call 112, but people pass and live.



12. The ugliest bike in the world?



The roundabout gave chad showing bike from the aero category in painting Rosomak with smooth tires ~ 47mm (probably because I was afraid to approach) and giving the impression of someone just finished printing it on a 3D printer. I do not know, maybe it's cool, but I could not look at it for too long, out of concern for the remnants of my inner sense of aesthetics. I suspect that creating this required many heads. I appreciate the hole in the seatpost, for which the bike can be hung, for example, outside the window.

You can read about Rondo HVRT in, for example, Bike Inventory here.



13. "Chinese" stands.



Many years passed before I understood why the "Chinese" are coming to the fair. These are places where you can start your new Polish brand. You find a product and it is "Your" from today. A suit friend from the Far East packs containers full of Carbon, and you sell it as "good, because Polish". Well, it turns out that all these emails from faraway Pakistan about cycling gloves are not spam but only actual cooperation proposals.



14. T-shirts at the Gazelle stand


Probably the most beautiful t-shirt at the fair - the styling is somewhat similar to the covers of SZOSY. Nice gentleman from Gazelle's stand, seeing how much Panda wants him to take this shirt, promised that he would try to get her (this shirt, not Panda). If I ever wanted a Dutchman, Gazella would have ended up playing at the forefront of the candidates.



15. A bike for a decent man



Admit it: did not it be fun to ride with two garbage containers, a broom and a brush? It seems that the coming year will be a year not only for gravels, but also for cargo bikes, which are becoming (apparently) more and more popular.



16. Virtual reality



The head is spinning, the forehead sweats, but the "WOW" effect is still there. Virtual reality is the future (it means technically it is the present, but you have to wait for a "comfortable virtual reality"). Thanks to glasses, 3D and the possibility of looking around while driving in the place, the winter life of a cyclist in a big city will probably get a new taste sometime. A bit scary, a bit beautiful.



17. Presentation by Paweł Puławski



What about how, but about the ultra distances I can listen to forever. Most ultras also have quite a lot of time to rethink their stories (which seem abstract to mortals), thanks to which they are extremely interesting. Listening to people with passion is also good. Races of 4200km in Europe, 5500km in Australia or 2300km in Ireland. As I hear about racing 5500km on a sharp circle, I want to open a section with podcasts on the blog.



18. Regional stands



Because you could take maps, guides and leaflets. Any idea of ​​visiting a new place is good. The problem is that I noticed Panda watching the guidebook in Koszalin and we had to make a fuss (if the joke is too hermetic, I invite you to the next entry, which is being created - as I will not forget, podlinuję).



19. Giro stand




Because, in my opinion, it was the most sensible booth at the fair. A large selection of shoes and helmets, which in both cases, in my humble opinion, are one of the prettiest products on the market, a great opportunity to meet and choose what suits the most-colored. It is a pity that nobody came up with the fact that when there is a lot of shoes, people would like to try them on a particular size.


20. Romet Panda







Do not go there anymore.


Maciek from the future - if you are reading this, stop going to all these local markets. It's better with friends to make an appointment for coffee and 40 PLN (2 people) for cheesecake ... although I know that you will not listen to me anyway.


One thing is certain: as recently as "the year of electronics", now we have probably the "gravel year"!


If this post is too poor for you, I recommend you check it out 1endurowhich, unlike me, did it well ;-)


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